Director of ‘Gadar’ Anil Sharma retaliated on Ameesha Patel, said – anything is true…

Anil Sharma said that all the allegations made by Ameesha Patel are wrong.

Ameesha Patel had recently accused ‘Gadar’ director Anil Sharma and his production house of mismanagement and non-payment of dues. Now Anil Sharma has reacted on this. In an interview, Anil Sharma has called all the allegations baseless and wrong. Along with this, he thanked Ameesha Patel for making Sharma’s production house famous.

Talking with Dainik Bhaskar, Anil Sharma said, “I don’t know why she is saying this. All I would like to say is that it is all a lie, nothing is true. With this, I would like to say thank you to Ameesha Patel. He made my production house famous. What could be bigger than that? I thank him for popularizing our new production house.”

30 June Ameesha Patel, in a series of tweets, made several allegations. In the first tweet, Ameesha wrote, “Fans are concerned about some incidents regarding Anil Sharma Productions regarding the final schedule of Gadar 2 which took place in Chandigarh end of May.” In another tweet, wrote, “There were some questions that many technicians like makeup artists, dress designers and others did not get their dues from Anil Sharma Productions!! Yep, didn’t get them. But Zee Studios went ahead and ensured that everyone gets their due. Because it is a professional company.


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He further wrote, “Yes, right from accommodation, transport to Chandigarh airport on the last day, food bills were not paid and some of the cast and cast/crew members were not even given cars. Due to which he got upset. But still Zee Studios fixed these problems created by Anil Sharma Productions.”


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In the next tweet, Ameesha wrote, “Everyone associated with the film knows that Gadar 2 was being produced by Anil Sharma Productions, which unfortunately failed many times but Zee Studios always took over. Special thanks to Shariq Patel, Neeraj Joshi, Kabir Ghosh and Nishit in particular.” Ameesha has tagged Zee Studios in each of her tweets.


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