Donald Trump made a big promise to Indian students before the US elections, if he wins, everyone will get a green card

Before the presidential election in America, a big statement has come from former President Donald Trump. He has made a big promise to Indian students. Donald Trump said that if he comes back to power in the election, he will give green cards to students who graduate from America. This is big news for foreign students studying in America. Donald Trump said that students studying in American colleges become billionaires when they go to their country. The same can happen in America too.

Elections are to be held in November

Let us tell you that the US presidential elections may be held in November. There may be a contest between Joe Biden and Donald Trump. Republican leader Trump is known for adopting a strict attitude regarding immigration rules. In such a situation, Donald Trump’s statement is being considered very important. According to Trump’s promise, Indian and other foreign students studying in American colleges will automatically get a green card and they will be entitled to live permanently in America.

What did Donald Trump say?

Former US President Donald Trump said that he will give the right to invite talented people from all over the world to America. He said that if someone graduates from an American college, he should get a green card. The special thing is that junior colleges are also talked about in this. Trump said that he wants skilled graduates to stay in his country and contribute to development. On the other hand, human rights activists are not convinced by Trump’s promise.

How many Indian students study in America?

Recently released data has indicated that Indian students are liking America very much. There has been a 35 percent increase in the number of Indians going to America for higher education. In the academic year 2022-23, the highest number of students, 2,68,923, have gone to America so far. This information has been given in a report. According to the ‘Open Doors Report’, the number of Indian students is more than 25 percent of the more than 1 million foreign students studying in America and this year also a record number of Indian students went to America to pursue higher education.


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