Editorial: Respect for national symbols is an instinct, do not fear, bow down with joy

Many people deliberately insult national symbols because of ideological narrow-mindedness. Many people consider it against their dignity to stand in honor of the national anthem.

Respect for national symbols is an expression of innate civic sense. But it is strange that even for this one has to resort to penal provisions in our country. It is taught from childhood that whenever the national anthem is played, one should stand at attention in respect to it. There are rules and regulations regarding hoisting the national flag, taking it down, keeping it etc. The national flag should not be insulted in any form. To strengthen this sense of citizenship, examples of many countries like Japan are also given. Still, many people in our country have not been able to develop a sense of respect for their national symbols.

Twelve people detained for not standing during national anthem in Srinagar

The latest example of this is the detention of twelve people in Srinagar for not standing during the national anthem. The National Anthem was being played at the conclusion of a programme, when the Lieutenant Governor was also present. At that time twelve people did not stand up in respect of the national anthem. Punitive action had to be taken against him on this. Although this is not the first and only example. A few years ago, when it was made mandatory for cinema halls to play the national anthem before and after the movie starts, a lot of people were seen deliberately disrespecting it. At that time also punitive action was taken against many people.

love for the nation must be in the heart

Respecting national symbols due to fear of punishment cannot be considered a sign of a civilized society. There should be love for the nation in the heart. But in our country, the tendency to prove old-fashioned and to disregard them has become strong, national symbols are often seen being deliberately insulted. Those who sat on their chairs during the national anthem in the Srinagar program, it cannot be assumed that they would not have been aware of the manner in which they should behave in honor of the national anthem.


Kashmir: Case of insult of national anthem in LG’s program, 12 people banned, action on policemen also

In fact, many people intentionally insult national symbols even because of ideological narrow-mindedness. Many people consider it against their dignity to stand in honor of the national anthem. In Jammu and Kashmir, since efforts have been made to create such a feeling that it is not a part of India, it is an independent country, so respect for Indian national symbols has not developed in their mind. This is the reason why even after independence, there has been a feeling of contempt for the hoisting of the national flag. In such a situation, it is possible that the people who did not consider it necessary to stand when the national anthem was played, were suffering from this feeling.

But this problem is not limited to Jammu and Kashmir only. Many ordinary citizens of the country are also not seen sensitive towards national symbols. Respecting national symbols actually indicates showing respect for your country. Those who do not love their national symbols, do not respect them, how can they be expected to love their country, their nation as well. Nation should be first. If legal provisions, punitive actions have to be resorted to for this, then the question arises on the citizenship of the people. It is a good thing that the Jammu and Kashmir Police has detained the culprits, did not arrest them, but why should this even come to the fore!


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