Election became the reason for ‘rar’ in the family! Father TMC, son BJP and brother Left candidate

Sukumar said that if I win, I will improve this road. If ‘Dada’ wins, I will not let him rest until he gets this road fixed.

Panchayat elections are going to be held in West Bengal. But before that many interesting stories are coming out from there. In this sequence, three people of a family living in Arambagh (Aarambagh in West Bengal) are contesting elections and all three are candidates from different parties. The most important thing is that all three are contesting against each other.

Sufal Chanok, 78, is the TMC candidate from Salehpur village. While his brother Sukumar Chanok, 67, is the CPI candidate, his son Prafulla is the BJP candidate from the seat.

Talking to the news agency PTI, Sukumar Chanok said that we are very combative on the field because we are ideologically miles apart. But I have told ‘dada’ (elder brother) that if he wins, he will have to feed us mutton curry. And if I win, I will buy a drum of rasgulla and distribute it among our family members including my grandfather and ‘Bhaipo’ (nephew).


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Please tell that the family has to struggle a lot to meet their needs. They do not share the kitchen together, but take care of each other despite their rivalry in the electoral fray. Pointing towards the road which was covered with mud due to incessant rains, Sukumar said that during my campaign I am telling people how my grandfather failed to get this road constructed.

Sukumar said that if I win, I will improve this road. If ‘Dada’ wins, I will not let him rest till he gets this road, which is the main road of this village, fixed.

Sufal Chanok has worked as a rural doctor for decades and joined the TMC in 1998, following in the footsteps of Mamata Banerjee from the Congress. He said that people will vote for me after seeing the development work done by Mamta Banerjee government. I have been working for the sector all my life. Whatever may be the outcome of the election, my relationship with my family members will not change.

Prafulla, 56, said the electoral battle has not affected the respect he has for his father and uncle. He said that it is impossible to explain the misgovernance of the TMC government and the irrelevance of the CPI. My uncle and father don’t have a chance to win against me this time. Praful said he was worried about his father’s health as he was campaigning in the scorching heat at this age. He said that I request him not to pressurize yourself during the campaign and do not make such promises which you have not been able to fulfill even before.


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