Electric Vehicle Buying Guide: 90 kmph top speed with a range of 140 km, know the price and features of this electric scooter

If you are planning to buy Long Range Electric Scooter, then know here the complete details of this electric scooter with attractive design.

Electric Two Wheeler Buying Guide Here you know the details of low budget electric scooters and bikes available in the market which can become the best option for you in a low budget. In which today we are talking about the electric scooter Avera Retrosa in the electric scooter segment, which is a long range scooter with a classic design.

In the complete detail of Avera Retrosa Electric Scooter, today you will know its price, range, features and specifications including every small and big detail.

Avera Retrosa Electric Scooter Price

The Avera Retrosa electric scooter has been launched by the company with an initial price of Rs 88,900, which goes up to Rs 1.28 lakh after going into its top variant.

Avera Retrosa Electric Scooter Battery and Motor

In this electric scooter, the company has given a lithium-ion battery pack with a capacity of 3.4 kWh. A 4800 W power BLDC motor is integrated with this battery. This battery gets fully charged in 3 to 4 hours.

Avera Retrosa Electric Scooter Range and Top Speed

Regarding the range of this electric scooter, the company claims that this scooter gives a range of 140 kilometers once it is fully charged. With this range, a top speed of 90 kilometers per hour is available.


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Avera Retrosa Electric Scooter Braking and Suspension

Disc brakes have been given in both the front and rear wheels of the scooter with which Combi Braking System (CBS) has been given. Talking about the suspension system, telescopic hydraulic suspension has been added at the front and double shocker with dual tube suspension system at the rear.


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Avera Retrosa Electric Scooter Features

Talking about the features, the Avera Retrosa electric scooter has a digital instrument console, digital speedometer, digital trip meter, digital odometer, reverse assist, push button start, fast charging, digital fuel gauge, LED headlight, LED tail light, LED turn signal lamp and Features like low battery indicator have been given.


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