Emergency Alert Message: Did you also get the emergency alert message of heavy rain? Know what is its truth

In the early morning, many people received a message warning of heavy rain on their smartphones. Know the truth of this message received from the Government of India…

Emergency Alert System: On Thursday (July 20), many phone users across the country were in panic and trouble when they received several emergency alerts through wireless messages from the Department of Telecommunications. People of many cities of the country like Pune, Mumbai etc. received these emergency alerts in which heavy rains were warned in many cities across the country. People got upset after receiving this alert message.

Has this alert message sent on many mobile phones really been sent by the Government of India? This message became a cause of concern for many phone users. But the good thing is that this message has not been sent by the Government of India.

Jio told the truth of emergency alert

Reliance Jio says that they did this as a testing of the message. The Central Government had tested this alert message of the Department of Telecommunications with the intention of giving information to all the citizens of the country at the same time in case of a major emergency.


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If you have received such a warning message on your mobile as well, then there is nothing to worry about. There is no danger to you or your phone from this message. This message was released by the Telecom Department of the Government of India and it was only being tested.


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It is worth noting that this text message sent by the Department of Telecom was in Marathi language. While on Thursday morning at 10.20 am, an emergency alert message was also received by the users in English. While people received the alert message in Marathi language at 10.31 am. According to Jio’s statement, ignore this message and there is no need to panic.


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