ESprinto Amery e-scooter launch: Launched e-Sprinto Amery electric scooter with a range of 140 km on a single charge, know complete details with price

The company launched the ESprinto Amery electric scooter in three attractive color options (Blissful White, Sturdy Black (Matte) and High Spirit Yellow).

The market of Electric Scooters is growing very fast in India, in which apart from new startups and small companies, big names of the two wheeler sector have also started launching their electric scooters and bikes. A new name has been added to the new high-speed electric scooter E-Sprinto Amery, which has been launched by electric two-wheeler manufacturer E-Sprinton. So without delay, know the details from its price to features, range and specifications.

E-Sprinto America Price

The company has launched this electric scooter with an initial price of Rs 1.30 lakh (ex-showroom). The company has fixed this price for the initial 100 bookings. After 100 bookings, the company can increase the price of this scooter. To buy it, customers can book it by visiting their nearest dealership.

E-Sprinto Amery Battery and Motor

The company has installed a 60V, 50AH capacity Lithium Ion NMC battery pack in the E-Sprinten Ameri electric scooter. With this battery pack, the company has given 1500 W power electric motor which is based on BLDC technology. According to the company, this battery pack gets charged from 0 to 100 percent in about 4 hours when charged with the charger provided with this electric scooter.

E-Sprinto Amery Range and Top Speed

Regarding the range and speed, the company claims that once full charge, this scooter gets a riding range of 140 km. With this range, a top speed of 65 kilometers per hour is available. Another claim about the company speed is that this scooter achieves a speed of 0 to 40 kilometers per hour in 6 seconds.

E-Sprinto America Features

Talking about the features found in E-Sprinto Ameri, it includes digital instrument console, anti theft alarm, remote control lock, USB charging point, find my vehicle, digital speedometer, digital trip meter, under seater storage, LED head light, LED tail. Features like light, LED turn signal lamp have been given.


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E-Sprinto Amery Braking and Suspension

Talking about the braking system, the company has given a combination of disc brake in its front wheel and drum brake in the rear wheel, with which Combi Braking System has been installed. Talking about the suspension system, it has been given to telescopic forks at the front and spring based shock absorber at the rear.


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E-Sprinto Amery Color Options

The company has launched E-Sprinto Ameri in the market with three color options. In this, the first color option is Blissful White, the second is Sturdy Black (Matte) and the third color is High Spirit Yellow.


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