EV in Focus: Super Eco T1 Electric Scooter has a range of 80 km on a single charge, know the price, features and hardware

Seeing the increasing popularity of electric scooters in the Indian market, many companies have started launching their electric scooters and bikes, due to which e-scooters of more than 50 companies are available in the market. In this current range of electric scooters, today we are talking about Super Eco T1 Electric Scooter which is a low-budget electric scooter and is liked due to its design and range.

If you are also looking for a long range electric scooter at a low price, then know here the complete details of Super Eco T1 electric scooter as an option, which includes its price, range, battery pack, features and specifications.

Super Eco T1 Price

The company has launched this Super Eco T1 electric scooter in the market with a starting price of Rs 56,772 (ex-showroom) and this price goes up to Rs 60,159 after being on-road.

Super Eco T1 Battery Pack

The company has installed a battery pack with 1.26 kWh capacity in this electric scooter, with which an electric motor with 800 watt power has been connected. Regarding the charging of this battery, the company claims that once it gets fully charged it takes 4 to 6 hours.

Super Eco T1 range and speed

Regarding range and speed, the company claims that once fully charged, a range of 70 to 80 kilometers can be achieved with this scooter. Along with this range, the company also claims a top speed of 55 kilometers per hour.


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Super Eco T1 Braking and Suspension System

Talking about the braking system, disc brake has been installed in its front wheel and drum brake in the rear wheel. Talking about the suspension system, telescopic type hydraulic suspension has been installed at the front and spring based shock absorber at the rear.


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Super Eco T1 Features

Talking about the features, this electric scooter has digital instrument console, digital speedometer, digital trip meter, digital odometer, navigation, anti-theft alarm, smart fast charging, mobile app support, regenerative braking system, digital fuel gauge, pass switch, LED headlight. Features like LED tail light, LED turn signal lamp and DRL have been provided.


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