Even after coming together with Congress and AAP, ‘Delhi Ordinance’ can be passed from Rajya Sabha, understand the whole math

In the vacant seats of Rajya Sabha, while one more seat will come in the account of BJP, one seat of Congress will be reduced. In this session, the Central Government can present the Delhi Ordinance in the Parliament.

The Aam Aadmi Party and the BJP are at loggerheads over the Delhi ordinance. The Aam Aadmi Party has got the support of the Congress regarding the Ordinance of Delhi. Now the central government can bring this ordinance in the Parliament for its passage in the monsoon session itself. The BJP has a majority in the Lok Sabha but may face trouble in the Rajya Sabha. However, it will also depend on the stand of Biju Janata Dal and YSR Congress Party. The Aam Aadmi Party met leaders of several opposition parties and sought their support on the ordinance. Arvind Kejriwal has claimed that he has got the support of many parties.

Equation will change in Rajya Sabha

Voting is to be held on 11 seats of Rajya Sabha on July 24. BJP’s seats will increase from 92 to 93, while Congress’s will decrease from 31 to 30. Together the seats of BJP and allies will be 105. Of the total 245 seats in Rajya Sabha, 7 seats will remain vacant after July 24. Four seats from Jammu and Kashmir, two from nominated and one from Uttar Pradesh will fall vacant. That is, after July 24, the number of the House will be 238 and the majority figure will be 123. If the latter passes the Delhi ordinance, then it is certain that the BJP will get the support of five nominated and two independent MPs. If these are also added, then there are 112 MPs in favor of the government.


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If this happens then the ordinance will be passed

The central government is also expecting support from one MP each from BSP, JDS and TDP regarding the Delhi Ordinance. All eyes are on BJD and YSR Congress. Their votes will be very important. Both the parties have 9-9 members. BJD says that it will decide only during the discussion. On the other hand YSR Congress has also not clarified. Last time both these parties had staged a walkout from the House due to which the difficulties of the Central Government were reduced. Not only this, the posts of two nominated MPs are also vacant. If the government nominates two members on these too, then the number in favor of the government will reach 114.


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