Everyday used to stand at the stop waiting for the bus, then something happened that PN Prakash became the High Court Justice

If there was no money, he used to go to the High Court by bus to earn. During this time he was noticed by veteran public prosecutor P Rajamanickam. He saw PN Prakash. Then called for his intelligence report and took it with him.

PN Prakash was a Justice of the Madras High Court. He remained in the High Court for almost a decade. He retired in January this year. When he was a lawyer, he was considered an expert in criminal law. This quality of his took him to the Madras High Court. But the journey to become a judge was very difficult. The political back ground came in the way and the Bar put up a roadblock. But eventually he became the Justice of the High Court.

wanted to become a doctor, had to become a lawyer

PN Prakash aspired to become a doctor. He was also busy with his life for this. But in 1977, Indira Gandhi announced elections. He was a student of class 12 then. Result delayed due to election. When he came, all the medical colleges were full. He could not become a doctor even if he wanted to. After that he got interested in theater and came in contact with famous playwright Radha Ravi. He told that he has staged plays in law college. On his advice, PN Prakash reached Law College. He became a law graduate in 1984 while participating in plays.

Went to jail in the temple movement, there was no money for the family after getting married

But the period after that was difficult. PN Prakash joined BJP and Sangh. Atal Bihari Vajpayee was his inspiration. Meanwhile, the Ramjanmabhoomi episode started and PN Prakash also had to go to jail. After that marriage took place and then a family was formed. Till that time he was only a political activist.


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Went to court to earn a living, life changed at the bus stop

Had no money, otherwise had to approach the court for income. Used to go to the High Court by bus. Meanwhile, he was noticed by P Rajamanickam, a veteran lawyer and Chief Public Prosecutor associated with the Rajiv Gandhi assassination case. He used to see her everyday at the bus stop. Rajamanickam was an expert in criminal law. He saw PN Prakash. Then called for his intelligence report and took it with him. He became Additional Public Prosecutor and after the death of Rajamanickam, Public Prosecutor. At one time, when my mind was filled with government files, I started a law firm with two friends.


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Then something like this became the Justice of the Madras High Court

In the meantime, two justices of the High Court retired. There was a need for a lawyer specializing in criminal law. PN Prakash’s name was proposed. He didn’t hide anything in his bio. It was also told that he was associated with BJP and went to jail during the temple movement. But the bar got stuck and the matter got stuck. But during that time the Congress government came to power in the state. After that the file in his name was cleared from everywhere and he became a Justice.


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