Exclusive: Sumit Arora, the writer of ‘Jawan’ wanted to become a cricketer, then his luck turned like this and became a famous writer

Jawan Writer Sumit Arora: Dialogue writer of films like ‘Dahad’, ‘The Family Man’ and ‘Stree’, Sumit Arora interacted with Jansatta.com and spoke on many issues.

Writer Sumit Arora is in discussion these days about the film ‘Jawan’. In this he is working with Shah Rukh Khan and is quite excited about the film. Earlier, he last worked with Sonakshi Sinha in the film ‘Dahad’. In this episode, now he talked to Jansatta.com about career including good content and story of the film, so let us tell you what he said?

Sumit Arora was asked in the interview whether the dialogues of the film should be written according to the actors or according to the story? On this he said, ‘Dialogues should be written according to the story. Because if he does not fit in the story and is only going with the actor’s image, then that story will not be able to stand on its own. The story will not be visible in it, only that actor will be visible. Whenever I wrote a story first, I first looked at the language spoken there according to the story. Wrote the story and dialogues accordingly. The first priority is to write your dialogues according to the story, environment and character. After that discuss it with the actors and make whatever changes you want to make.


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Which part was the most difficult in ‘Dahad’?

Sumit Arora says, ‘There were many challenges in Dahad. Which has been the character of Gulshan Devaiah in the film. He talks to the kid, who is watching adult videos at school. Then he explains it with simplicity. In such a situation, it was a big challenge to show the simplicity in this character. This was the challenge that it should not be shown that there should be no hesitation while talking to your children. Regarding this scene, I had in my mind that it should come correctly. The bonding of parents and children should not seem useless. Apart from this, it was quite a challenge to show Sonakshi Sinha’s anger. Carrying anger instead of venting it. Also, it was a challenge to show her anger on screen.


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Sumit Arora wanted to become a cricketer

Sumit Arora says that he wanted to become a cricketer, not a writer. But later he started getting interested in writing and became a writer. On the question of how he became a writer, he says, ‘Under a programme, many children were selected to go to Kashmir, so I wrote an article in English about that experience. When it was published in a English newspaper, I felt that more such articles can be written. So it was a lot of fun. After that the hunger to publish that article woke up. Thought I should write more. I wrote for many newspapers including Jansatta. Seeing Aamir Khan’s ‘Lagaan’, I felt that I should write for films. Then slowly moved towards the direction of films and reached here.


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Regarding the struggles, Sumit Arora said, ‘Everybody who comes from a small town has to do this. It is not easy for him. When a boy or a girl comes, there is bound to be a struggle to stay and eat with them. I also had a struggle in Mumbai. If you sit down to write it, you will have to write a book. That in itself was quite interesting. That too was a phase.

How to bring good content?

When Sumit Arora was asked about good content, he said, ‘First we have to look at our stories. For some time now we have been looking outside. I believe that every country has its own literature. It also has its own music and cinema. It has been with us also. We should explore more old stories around us. Those stories should be presented as they are and as their costumes and backgrounds. We have to show both our stories and our style, then automatically good content will come out.


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