Exit Polls failed in Delhi MCD Election Result, what will happen in Gujarat and Himachal elections

Exit Polls fail in Delhi MCD Election: The results of Delhi MCD Election are completely different from the results predicted in Exit Polls. Regarding this, questions are also being raised on the exit polls of Gujarat and Himachal.

Delhi MCD Elections Result: The results of Delhi MCD elections are out. The results of 216 wards out of total 250 of Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) have come. In these results, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has won in 116 and BJP (BJP) in 96 wards. 50.48 percent voting was recorded in the polling for 250 wards of MCD held on 4 December 2022 in Delhi. These results of the MCD elections are completely different from the predictions of the exit polls.

The exit polls had predicted the victory of the Aam Aadmi Party in the Delhi Municipal Corporation elections, but the seats predicted were completely different from the actual results. In such a situation, once again questions are being raised on the exit polls. Discussion is also taking place on whether the results of exit polls for Gujarat (Gujarat Assembly Election 2022) and Himachal Pradesh Assembly Election (Himachal Pradesh Assembly Election 2022) will be accurate?

First know the complete result of MCD election poll

A party that gets 126 seats in the Municipal Corporation of Delhi will get a majority and the ruling Aam Aadmi Party in the Delhi government has come very close to it. After the election results, celebrations have started in AAP offices in Delhi.

Party seat (edge) seat (won)
BJP 20 84
You 26 106
Congress 5 5
Independent 3 1
Statistics of Delhi Municipal Corporation Election Result (Delhi MCD Election Result)

Now see the results of three big exit polls regarding Delhi MCD

In the exit poll results of the Delhi MCD Election, AAP (AAP) seemed to be overshadowing the BJP (BJP), which has been in power for 15 years. However, Aaj Tak-Axis My India, News X-Jan Ki Baat and Times Now-ETG gave AAP between 146 and 175 seats in all the three major exit polls. BJP was predicted to get 69 to 94 seats. However, now the actual results are looking completely different from this.

exit poll BJP congress AAP
Aaj Tak – Axis My India 69-91 3-7 149-171
News X – Jan Ki Baat 70-92 4-7 159-175
Times Now – ETG 84-94 6-10 146-156
Figures of three major Exit Polls regarding Delhi MCD Election Results


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