Father gave party on daughter’s first period, celebrated with dancing, singing and cutting cake, people are commenting like this

When the daughter of Jitendra Bhatt, a resident of Kashipur, Uttarakhand got her period for the first time, the whole family celebrated it like a festival.

There are different views in the society regarding the periods of women. In some places even today people do not even want to talk about it. Especially women in rural areas have to face many problems related to menstruation. However, when a father in Haldwani, Uttarakhand got his daughter’s first period, he celebrated it like a festival.

When the daughter of Jitendra Bhatt, a resident of Kashipur, Uttarakhand got menstruation for the first time, the whole family together celebrated it like a celebration and a cake was cut. Jitendra Bhatt posted the pictures of this celebration on social media and wrote, “The daughter has grown up? Daughter Ragini celebrated the beginning of periods (menstruation) like a festival today…HAPPY PERIODS RAGINI.”

Many girls also participated in this celebration. Neighbors also joined in. A hall was decorated, balloons were put up. Cake was ordered. Jitendra Bhatt’s daughter cut Kaka, everyone celebrated it like a festival. This step taken by Jitendra Bhatt and his family is being discussed a lot.


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A Facebook user wrote, ‘You have made a good start, you deserve to be congratulated for this, no one wants to speak openly in such a matter right now and you celebrated like a festival.’ Another wrote, ‘You have given a new thought to the society by awakening a new thought.’ Another Facebook user wrote that this family has opened my eyes too and has drawn a long streak.

Anand Gangwar wrote, ‘It is a great initiative to bring awareness about menstruation. Proud to see that you are always breaking myths and misconceptions. Another wrote, ‘Best wishes dear Ragini and salute to you and your entire family and creative family who think beyond time and normal.’


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Let us inform that all the social media users have given their reactions on Jitendra Bhatt’s Facebook post. Most of the people have welcomed and praised this initiative of Jitendra Bhatt. So there are some people who are not telling it right, they say that some things are personal, they should not be shared on social media.



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