Flour Prices in Pakistan: Inflation in Pakistan broke the back of the public, the price of 20 kg of flour reached two and a half thousand

Pakistan: Due to inflation in Pakistan, earlier famine was also seen regarding gas. People were seen running from one place to another with empty tanks to get refilled.

Flour prices in Pakistan: The rising inflation in Pakistan has made it difficult for the common people to live. Alam is that the price of 20 kg flour has reached 2500. It may be known that in Karachi, Pakistan, the price of one kg flour (Flour Price) has reached Rs 125 per kg. During this time of inflation, the common people have to struggle a lot to buy flour at this price.

Let us tell you that according to the statistics of Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, a 20 kg flour sack is available in Karachi for two and a half thousand rupees. It may be known that the price of 1 kg flour in Karachi is Rs.125 at present. Which is almost 100 percent more than the price of Islamabad and Punjab.

English newspaper Dawn wrote on flour prices in Pakistan that in the last week, the price of 20 kg flour has been seen to increase by Rs 100 in Karachi, Hyderabad and Quetta. Whose rates have gone up to Rs 2,320, 2,420 and 2,500 respectively. While in Bannu, Peshawar, Larkana and Sukkur, the prices increased by Rs 40, Rs 70, Rs 50 and Rs 40 respectively.

At the same time, the price of 20 kg flour sack has been recorded at Rs 1,295 in Islamabad and Punjab. There was a huge impact on the pockets of common people in Pakistan. Due to inflation, his monthly budget has become unbalanced. According to the report, there is a huge shortage of wheat, gas and rice in Pakistan.


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To meet its needs, Pakistan is importing rice and gas. At the same time, gas is also being provided with the help of loan. However, Pakistan will have to pay a heavy price for this. It may be known that the Government of Pakistan is in talks with Russia to supply gas and oil at cheap rates, but no concrete result has emerged on this. Please tell that due to the floods this year in Pakistan, crops have suffered a lot. In such a situation, the prices of grains are skyrocketing.


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