For wealth and property, recite this source every Tuesday, Bajrangbali and Mangal Dev will be pleased, you will get success in every field

Mangal Stotra: According to Vedic astrology, every day is dedicated to some planet or god. Like Saturday is related to Shani Dev. On the other hand, Tuesday is related to Mangal Dev and Hanuman Ji. Mangal Dev and Bajrangbali are pleased by worshipping on this day. In astrology, it is said that to strengthen Mars, Hanuman Ji should be worshipped with rituals on Tuesday. Also, those people in whose horoscope Mangal Dev is negative or inauspicious, if they worship Hanuman Ji and Mangal Devta on Tuesday, then the inauspicious effect of Mars decreases. Here we are going to tell you about Mangal Strot and chanting of some mantras, reciting which on Tuesday can prove to be very auspicious. Also, you can get wealth. Let’s know about this Strot and mantras…


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Mars Armor

Raktambaro red body: crown of four arms, Meshgamo gadabhrit.

Dharasut: Shaktidharshcha shuli is always peaceful.

Angarak: Head protector facing Dharanisu:.

Hear the red color: The animal has bloodshot eyes.

Shaktidhar in the nose: Bloody eyes in the mouth of the animal.

The hand of Raktamala had the power in his arms.

Chest: petal varangashcha heart petal red.

Graharaj is in my waist and my face is like Dharasu: ॥

Janujanghe Kuja: Patu Padau Devotee Priya: Always.

Meshvaahan in the protection of Sarvanyanyaani Changani.

This Idam armor is divine and removes all the enemies.

All the achievements are achieved by destroying ghosts and spirits.

Sarvogaharam Chaiva Sarvasampatpradam Shubh.

One who attains liberation and increases the good fortune of all.

The truth of disease-freedom is doubtful.

Mangal Stotra

Dharanigarbhasambhutam Vidyutjesamprabham.

I salute the auspiciousness of Kumar Shakti’s hand.

I bow to you who removes the debt and destroys the sorrow and poverty.

I bow to you Dyotamanay who does good for all.


I bow to you Dharani, who is happy.

This curved dance is capable of causing obstacles.

Worshiped: Happiness and good fortune, I bow to you.

Prasadam Kuru, Nath, auspiciousness is auspicious.

Meshvahan Rudraatman give me son, wealth and fame.

Mangal Vedic Mantra

Om Agnimoordhadiv: Kakutpati: Prithviayam Apa Sand Sijinnavati.

Mars Tantric Mantra

ooo yes swan : khṛ khṛ

Om Hum Shreem Mangalaya Namah

Om Kram Kreem Kroum Sa: Bhoomay Namah

Mangal Ekakshari Beej Mantra

Om Angarakaya Namah

Om eyebrow Bhoumay salutations to me.

Mantras of Mars

Om Dharani Garbha Sambhutam Vidyut Kantisamprabham.

Kumar Shaktihasta, you are auspicious and I salute you.

Mangal Gayatri Mantra

Om Angarakaya Vidmahe Shakti Hastaya Dheemahi Tanno Bhooma: Prachodayat.


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