Four hundred employees of Amethi’s ‘Medical College’ Sanjay Gandhi Hospital are unemployed, more than half are women.

After the government closure of Sanjay Gandhi Hospital, four hundred employees have become unemployed. More than half of these are women. Due to which the unemployed employees on Wednesday submitted a memorandum to Amethi Collector Rakesh Kumar Mishra for opening the hospital. Other senior Congress leaders have also met the District Magistrate and sent a memorandum to the Governor for opening the hospital.

Instead of going to Lucknow, Allahabad, one could get good treatment here.

The people of Amethi consider Sanjay Gandhi Hospital as a medical college. Due to this, most of the people go to Sanjay Gandhi Hospital before going to Sultanpur, Rae Bareli, Lucknow and Allahabad. Because all types of facilities are available in the hospital. This is why emergency service patients keep coming and going day and night. But due to closure of the hospital, now patients are forced to go to Allahabad and Lucknow.

Political leaders said- public problems have increased

Former Congress MLA Deepak Singh said that the condition of doctors and emergency services in government hospitals is not hidden from anyone. The patient is in distress due to the closure of Sanjay Gandhi Hospital. The public is worried. Employees have become unemployed.

Better treatment was available for less money

Yadav Mahasabha President and SP leader Shivpratap Yadav said that Sanjay Gandhi Hospital is a medical college for the people of Amethi. But the administration has suddenly closed it. SP’s Chaudhary Sukhram Yadav said that better treatment was available closer to home for less money. But now we will have to go to Lucknow. There is no treatment facility around here.

Politics on hospital is not right

A senior BJP leader said that instead of punishing the culprits, the public has been punished. Hospital is for everyone. There are thousands of issues for politics. Congress will benefit from this. Amethi’s Chief Medical Officer Dr. Anshuman Singh has suspended the registration of Sanjay Gandhi Hospital two days ago in connection with the death of a woman.


Don’t be afraid of Rahul… Don’t be afraid of Amit Shah, when a verbal warning was given in Parliament, Speaker Om Birla said this

The hospital is associated with the Gandhi family. Due to this, Sanjay Gandhi Hospital is in the headlines of the newspaper. After the closure of the hospital, Sonia Gandhi’s representative KL Sharma and administrator Manoj Mattu have come to Amethi from Delhi. Due to which Congress has come on one platform. It is being said that Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi can also come to Amethi.

Hospital administrator Manoj Mattu said that he will go to court for restoration of registration. Preparations are being made for this. But first a demand has been made from the district administration. Congress spokesperson Anil Singh said that the CMO was a doctor in the same district for twenty years. After this he became CMO here. That is why the registration of the hospital has been suspended out of revenge. Get a reply Where is the law to suspend registration without notice? Everyone has the right to express their opinion. But unilateral action has been taken.


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