Freedom for all religions for marriage, funeral, caste discrimination will also end, RSS leader Indresh Kumar enumerates the benefits of UCC, attacks those who oppose it

Indresh Kumar said that there will be freedom for all religions to celebrate Teej festivals. The one who wants to offer Namaz will be able to offer Namaz. Whether he does it once, whether he does it five times.

These days a lot of discussions are happening in the country regarding the Uniform Civil Code (UCC). Many political parties have expressed their opposition to the implementation of the law citing flaws in it. Meanwhile, Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh leader Indresh Kumar, while enumerating the benefits of UCC, said that caste untouchability and discrimination would end with its implementation. Along with this, he has appealed to the people not to get involved in the words of those opposing the law.

He said that the support of this law is more and the opposition is less. Uniform Civil Code means freedom from religious riots. It means not to do evil to religion by religion. It means respecting other religions. This means that religion does not teach enmity among each other. This law means that religion itself teaches to love each other. This law means the abolition of caste untouchability. It means that we are one country, one people, one citizen. This is the way to get rid of untouchability. Indresh Kumar said, “Along with this, the way of helping the one who is sad, suffering, weak, weak opens up. This is the law, which ends the atrocities on women. There will be no oppression on women in any religion and caste.

Indresh Kumar said that under UCC everyone will have the freedom to follow their respective religions. There will be complete freedom regarding funeral and marriage also. He said, “Whoever has to bury him will be able to bury him. The one who has an excuse will be able to shed it. No restrictions for this. Similarly, the one who wants to marry his child, who wants to get married in the Gurudwara, can do it there. The one who wants to get married in the court will be able to get married in the court. That’s why everyone was given complete freedom in their own way.

He said that there will be freedom to celebrate Teej festivals like this. The one who wants to offer Namaz will be able to offer Namaz. Whether he does it once, whether he does it five times. The one who has to offer prayers, there are different types of temples, be it Radha Swami or Nirankari. Are they Brahmakumaris or Kabirpanthis and go to Gurdwara or Jain place, Jain temple or any other place. So, whatever god one believes in, worships in his own way, an equal citizen will declare that no one is a Kafir, all are believers, therefore no one has the right to call him a Kafir. Everyone’s beliefs are of their own kind.

Indresh Kumar further said that this law will create unity in happiness and sorrow. If a union is to be formed, a law is needed. If there is an accident, compensation is being received, then a law is needed, so this law is the message and way of unity, love, brotherhood. Along with this, he said about those opposing UCC that those who say that Muslims are in danger, they lie, while Allah himself, God, God has given this message, you will belong to that country. According to the rules and regulations, this is your faith and this faith will lead you to heaven, so the Lord has sent a message. Love, protection, sacrifice of the country is the path of faith, which leads to heaven.

During this, referring to the Common Uniform Civil Code of Goa, he said that till date there has been no problem due to the law in 75 years. No Muslim or Christian or Hindu has complained. He further said, “Elsewhere within this country, Lokmanya Tilak, Balasaheb Ambedkar, Bapu Gandhi, Bhagat Singh and Subhash Chandra Bose also advocated a law. The Supreme Court, the Constitution also advocated a law. But there has always been an attempt to destroy a law by dividing it into one religion and caste. If it had happened, Shah Bano would have also got justice, who was supposed to get 75 and 80 paise compensation, but by not giving that also created a history of oppression on women, so the insult of women in religions will be avoided and evils will be removed. All the religions will flourish together. All castes will also live together, no one will be called untouchable, no one will be able to remain an infidel.

Indresh Kumar further appealed that the leaders, parties or Maulana, Imam, Maulvi who are provoking Muslims in particular should stop inciting them and Muslims should not get instigated by them, rather ask them that the organizations which are doing so much They are talking, tell what work they have done in the interest of India. He questioned that those who are doing all this have done anything for the poor and the afflicted, for how many educational institutions or for the unemployed. What if Muslims become serious Indian citizens to get rid of all the shortcomings that have come in Muslims? There are so many women suffering from divorce today and what have they done for better life for them and children.


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