Friend request to Indian soldiers… 5 Pakistani passports seized, doubt deepens about Seema Haider, will be sent back to PAK?

Uttar Pradesh DGP’s office has said in a release that two video cassettes, 4 mobile phones, 5 Pakistani authorized passports and one passport without name have been recovered from Seema Haider.

The ruckus about Seema Haider, who came to India from Pakistan, is not taking the name of ending. At present, Seema is being interrogated by the UP ATS. On Wednesday too, questions and answers were asked from the border continuously for several hours. There were many such questions as well, on which Seema’s answer raised doubts in the minds of the agencies. As of now, neither is anyone calling Seema a Pakistani agent, nor is there an attempt to portray her as innocent. Emphasis is being laid only on investigation.

In this episode, information has been received that the investigating agency has recovered five Pakistani passports from Seema Haider. The big thing is that there is also a passport in which the address is not visible properly. Now how did a woman get so many passports, that too when Seema does not describe herself as highly educated. Right now this angle is being investigated. Apart from this, it has been learned that Seema Haider’s conversation was not going on only with Sachin Meena. A friend request was also sent on his behalf to some soldiers of the Indian Army. This disclosure has not been confirmed yet, but investigation is going on in this direction as well.

Uttar Pradesh DGP office has said in a released statement that two video cassettes, 4 mobile phones, 5 Pakistani authorized passports and one passport without name have been recovered from Seema Haider, investigation is on. Action is being taken by the police after Seema Haider entered India with her four children. The DGP’s office has told how the border traveled from Pakistan to Dubai, from Dubai to Nepal and then from Nepal to India.

Now the UP Police has also told from its side that Seema’s husband Ghulam Haider used to send her around 80 thousand rupees every month from Dubai. Apart from this, Seema had also set up two committees of Rs 1 lakh each. In such a situation, when he decided to come to India from Pakistan, he had enough money to take care of his children, to take a hotel room.

By the way, for now, nothing has been found from the investigation of the UP Police, which can call Seema Haider a Pakistani spy. Some suspicious items have definitely been recovered, even it has been learned that the data of the mobile has been deleted, but for now Seema is not being called a spy. At the same time, nothing is being said clearly on the question of sending him to Pakistan. It has only been said that a decision will be taken on this by the Home Department itself.


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