From Salman Khan to Akshay Kumar, why Bollywood films of big stars are getting beaten?

Be it Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar or Ajay Devgan, big Bollywood movies are not able to show amazing.

There is a lot of turmoil in the film industry, the biggest reason for which is that films are not running. It would not be wrong to say that in two-three years the producer-director has made every possible effort to make the best films that the audience can come to the theatres. They are making every possible effort, under which they can attract the audience towards the films. For this, where older actors Salman, Shahrukh are trying to look young, the producers are adopting every trick from expensive sets to locations in India and abroad for the shooting of the film. Despite this, many famous actors from Akshay Kumar to Salman Khan are giving beaten films. After all, what is the reason that the audience is rejecting almost every film? Here is a special report on

Actor Ranbir Kapoor thinks differently. He says that today’s audience has matured a lot after watching cinema from all over the world. Now they want to see something they have never seen before. Today’s audience sees many such films available in different languages, in which something out of the box happens, out of imagination, then they start finding Bollywood movies boring. Seeing the story, screenplay, filming, technique in voiced films, he keeps more expectations from English films than these and hence he does not go to see the old films made in his language.


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Ranbir Kapoor says If I give my example, my film ‘Shamshera’ got beaten, but Brahmastra became successful. The reason for this was that the audience got to see something in Brahmastra which was different from other films. There was a time when my father Rishi Kapoor used to give 7-8 films in a row with a romantic image and they were successful too. The audience did not get bored seeing their stars in the same image. But today it is quite the opposite. Today the audience wants everything new, so that they get to see something new. Today’s audience wants to see new ideas, new stories, even new actors who can give them some new content. Stuff they’ve never seen before. When more and more such films start being made, the audience will automatically be drawn to the theatres.


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Renowned story writer, lyricist, Ghalib Asad Bhopali does not completely agree with Ranbir Kapoor. The film ‘Jogira Sara Ra Ra’ based on Ghalib’s story is ready for release. Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Neha Sharma are in the lead roles in this film. According to him, the audience of every generation wants something new from the producer. There was a lack of story in the past as well and it is still there today. There are two types of producers in the film industry. One is those who consider the story important and always think of doing something new. And one those who give importance to the image of the artist. Similarly, the audience is also divided into two parts. Some viewers give more importance to the story and filmmaking. So some viewers come to watch movies by seeing the stars. As far as producer directors are concerned they always try to give the best of the best. One of the major reasons for the failure of today’s Bollywood films is that due to the OTT platform, viewers watch different types of films from across the country and abroad. After this, his expectations have increased more regarding English films. Because of which most of the English films are getting thrashed.


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According to film critic and journalist Bhavna Sharma, a good film is one that entertains, educates and informs, and at the same time inspires the audience. Also one whose plot is well presented with strong and believable characters. A good movie is also one that makes you think about the world in a new way, and leaves a lasting impression on your mind. Apart from this, a compelling story, strong screenplay, beautiful photography, effective editing and good direction go a long way in making a good film.


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There is no doubt that the audience today is mature and sensible. They want something new and different. Therefore, film production work has to be done with fresh stories. Carry on. So that for the last several years the film industry which is going through a bad phase and is suffering financially, can get progress.

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