Funny way: So many people entered the train, the door wouldn’t close

Due to population growth, crowds can be seen on all public transport systems. Whether it’s a bus or a train, there are always people crammed in. The worst conditions are on the local trains, on which thousands of people travel every day.

The local train is his life in Mumbai, but when the crowds get too big, his life is lost! Recently, a video of a Mumbai local train (video of a police officer pushing a man into a train) went viral, in which so many people entered the carriage, that one person ended up in the middle of the door and so it couldn’t be closed. In the past. In such a situation, a security guard finds a funny way to lock the door.
A coolie and a railway police officer then come to close the door. The security guard gives his baton to the wearer and, with his elbow, pushes forcefully on the person’s hip to get them to enter, then the door closes automatically. This method looks very funny, and people are laughing about it in the comments.

(Mumbai local train viral video) was posted on the Instagram account @yogeshadhate which is going viral. The video shows the state of Mumbai’s local trains. Air-conditioned carriages are also installed in local trains running on certain lines in Mumbai (Mumbai local crowd video). It’s normal for there to be more crowds on summer days. This is exactly what we see in this viral video.
The video goes viral
The viral video has been viewed over 2,000 times, and many people have shared their reactions in the comments. One said that when you don’t give up, Kaynak gives you the push you need. One said that one of them must have fallen through the other door. One person said the police should be thanked for not using batons.


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