Google Warning: Google issued an alert for Android Smart TV users, know what is the big danger

Google Alerts Android TV Users: Google has issued a warning related to Android TV OS to Android TV users.

Google Warns Android TV Users: Time has changed and now smart TV is installed in every house. Google TV is the most modern and best operating system offered by Google for Smart TV. Android TV occupies a major share in the market and is quite popular among the users as well. Nowadays cheap smart TVs will be available in the market at low prices which come with Android TV OS. However, it seems that not all the devices available in the market run on the verified or safe version of Android TV OS. This is the reason that Google has now revealed a warning for all those users who are using cheap TV boxes.

Google warns TV box users running on non-verified Android TV

Google has given an important advice to Android TV users. The tech giant has said that all users should make sure that their TV has not been given a fake TV OS with malware. Recently, experts related to this matter had revealed that many popular streaming boxes were not as they really were. Although, these devices are not made by Google, but Google’s apps come pre-installed in them.

What is the danger?

Two security researchers separately found that Android TV devices are using malware to connect to command and control servers to deliver Clickbait payloads. According to the report, by doing this, criminals earn revenue by clicking on ads in the background. Overall, this is an ad-click fraud. Hacked Android TVs connect with others without the user’s consent and become part of botnets. Which can run in thousands of TV boxes.


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According to a report by TechCrunch, many cheap and very popular Android TV devices are being sold online. They were found to have pre-installed malware capable of launching cyberattacks. It is difficult to track down these brands at the moment but popular Chinese chips from Rockchip and Allwinner have been given in these devices. Chips such as the AllWinner T95Max, RockChip X12 Plus and RockChip X88 Pro 10 were also found in some TV boxes that were using malware-infected firmware.


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Search giant Google was questioned by several affected users about this. After which Google has issued a warning about this problem. Google says that some TV boxes are being mis-marketed and sold in the market. It is being said that Android TV OS has been given in these. However, some TV boxes are running only on the regular Android OS. These manufacturers do a little ‘makeover’ to make these TVs look like the regular Android TV OS. The biggest problem is that these devices are not Play Protect certified. This means that the OS and apps can also be insecure.

How to check if your Android TV is Play Protect certified

You can visit the Google Play store to check if your TV box is Secure and Play Protect certified.

  • First open PlaySotre in your TV Box
  • Now click on the Profile Icon at the top right corner
  • Then go to Play Protect and then go to the option titled Play Protect Certification
  • Now you will be able to see whether your TV is Play Protect certified or not.

If your device is not Play Protect certified, we recommend contacting your manufacturer. And use a fully tested Play Protect Certified Device.


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