Greater Noida: The mother had left the newborn child in the open in the bitter cold, SHO’s wife saved her life by feeding her milk; Kumar Vishwas also became a fan

SHO’s wife Jyoti Singh saved the life of a newborn girl lying on the roadside in Greater Noida by breastfeeding!

In Uttar Pradesh’s Greater Noida, a newborn baby girl was found in the bushes on the side of the road in the bitter cold. This was informed to the police. The child was a newborn and her condition was bad due to cold. The police team reached the police station with the girl, the girl was crying continuously, after which it was found that the girl was hungry. After this the SHO’s wife fed him milk and saved his life.

The girl was found on the side of the road

According to Jankari, the child was so young that she was unable to drink anything other than mother’s milk. In such a situation, when SHO’s wife Jyoti Singh came to know about this, she decided to feed this girl with her milk. After this, the girl was admitted to the hospital, where her condition remains stable. SHO’s wife Jyoti Singh is being discussed a lot on social media.

Kumar Vishwas gave this reaction

Reacting to this news, Kumar Vishwas wrote an emoji of the heart and wrote – Mother. One user wrote that one mother threw the baby on the roadside like this and the other mother saved the same baby by feeding her milk. @SRamverma User wrote that a mother is a mother after all, there is no caste or color difference in her eyes! She just spoils her affection.

@khkumark user wrote that those fighting for religion and caste should learn the meaning of humanity from this woman. One user wrote that there are so many colors of mothers in the society. Why did one mother save the child and the other leave it to die? A user named Vikas wrote that salutations to such a ‘mother’, she is no less than a goddess, who has saved the life of a newborn child.


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Speaking to ANI, Jyoti Singh said, “I don’t understand how someone can do this to a child? Seeing the child suffering, I felt very bad and felt like crying. I couldn’t stand watching her cry with hunger so I decided to breastfeed her. I want to tell people that if anyone has any problem in taking care of their children, they should take them to a safe place like an orphanage or an NGO. Where they can be nurtured.


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