Gunmen killed 14 people, kidnapped 60 in Nigeria

Gun-wielding men in Nigeria on Sunday killed eight civilians and abducted at least 60 people from two communities in Zamfara state. A local leader said armed men had abducted dozens of people from a university in the state.

In another report, suspected Islamic rebels attacked a convoy of military vehicles in the north-east of the country, killing two soldiers and four civilians.

What is the government saying?

President Bola Tinubu has not yet explained how he will deal with this insecurity. Public anger can already be seen regarding issues related to inflation during his rule.

In the latest such incident, residents said gunmen tried to attack a military base in Zamfara early Sunday but were repelled. Zamfara is one of the states most affected by kidnapping for ransom by armed gangs locally known as bandits.

A local leader said gunmen in three groups attacked the military base and Magami and Kabasa communities. He said 60 people were abducted, mostly women and children. Isa Mohammed of the Kabasa community said four people were also killed and dozens of others abducted. Police have not yet shared any information on this matter.


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Such attacks are part of broader insecurity in Nigeria. Islamist fighters are still carrying out deadly attacks in the northeast, gangs and separatists are attacking security forces and government buildings in the southeast, and clashes involving farmers and herders are killing people. The government does not appear to be tackling this issue very actively.


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