Gyanvapi investigation: Opened the lock to the mosque but the Muslim side refused to give the key to the basement

The ASI team investigates Varanasi’s Gyanvapi Masjid for the second day. The Muslim part is included in this survey. He only opened the lock to the mosque. The cellar occupied by the Muslim side was also due to be opened today, but the lawyer for the Muslim side refused to hand over the key to the cellar.
The ASI is monitoring the entire campus for the second day of Saturday in Gyanvapi. The mosque’s janitor, Ejaz Ahmed, said that today the lock to the mosque had been opened. The ASI team entered the mosque, leaving the bathroom, the investigation is also underway inside the mosque. Meanwhile, a new controversy has arisen in the case. The Muslim side refused to open the basement of their property.

The lawyer for the Muslim side, Mumtaz Ahmed, said after leaving the Gyanvapi campus that we were cooperating fully with the investigation. However, he also said, “Why should we give him the key to the basement, he will open it where it needs to be opened?
He added that the ASI team was still inspecting the upper part. Even on Friday, investigative work could not be carried out in the basement, because none of the Muslim parties had opened the lock or even given the key. Reportedly, due to the accumulation of dirt and debris in the basement, work on measuring the length and width has not yet begun, so today the basement had to be opened and cleaned.

The Muslim side joins the survey

Before joining the ASI investigation, Mohammad Yasin, deputy secretary of the Anjuman Intezamia Masjid committee, said we were waiting for the court proceedings. Now that the court has refused to suspend the investigation, we will cooperate fully with the ASI investigation. No member of the Muslim community took part in the investigation, which took place on August 4. On the other hand, the lawyer for the Hindu side, Vishnu Shankar Jain, said that today work will be carried out according to a detailed method, which will decide the shape of the subsequent investigation. The Varanasi District Judge’s Court has extended the ASI’s investigation period to 4 weeks.
Mosque not to be touched: On Friday, in the Gyanvapi case, the Supreme Court refused to stay the Allahabad High Court’s order authorizing the ASI to conduct a scientific study in the Gyanvapi mosque complex. A bench comprising Chief Justice DY Chandrachud, Justice JB Pardiwala and Justice Manoj Mishra also ordered that the mosque not be touched during the ASI’s investigation and that there be no excavations.
A 32-page diary, a $33 billion transaction and electronic evidence… Investigation intensifies against PCS Jyoti Maurya

The investigation into the corruption case against PCS Jyoti Maurya has been stepped up. The commission of inquiry has sent a notice to Jyoti and her husband Alok Maurya to record their statement. The commission summoned Alok to record his statement with evidence. A 32-page diary is also included in the complaint filed by Alok Maurya.
The investigation into the corruption case against Uttar Pradesh PCS officer Jyoti Maurya, who found herself in the spotlight due to an argument with her husband, has intensified. The inquiry commission issued a notice to Jyoti and her husband Alok Maurya to record their statement. The commission asked Alok Maurya to record his statement with evidence. It was felt that it would be possible to investigate and question the two people first separately and then by sitting in front of them.

The commission of inquiry has requested details of 6 different bank accounts held by Jyoti Maurya. He is accused of having accumulated immense wealth through corruption while in power. A 32-page diary is also included in the complaint filed by Alok Maurya. In addition, electronic evidence has also been submitted to the commission of inquiry.
The diary submitted by Alok Maurya, Jyoti Maurya’s husband, contains details of transactions worth over 33 billion euros. The commission of inquiry also collected documents from certain offices in Lucknow. On the instructions of the government, the Divisional Commissioner of Prayagraj has set up a three-member commission of inquiry. The inquiry commission must complete the investigation within 15 days.

Alok Maurya’s difficulties continue to grow

Alok Maurya’s difficulties continue to grow. Jyoti has lodged a complaint against him and Shubhra Maurya, Alok’s sister-in-law, has also lodged a complaint against Devar. In this case, it is alleged that after her marriage, she was harassed for dowry. The in-laws were fighting over money. She filed several complaints with the police. In the past, she expressed her pain on social media. After that, the police administration took action and registered a case.


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