Had to celebrate birthday on the middle road in Ghaziabad, got ‘birthday gift’ from police, arrested

Ghaziabad News: Police warned that the police will take the harshest action against those who create riots on the road in the name of cutting cake.

Ghaziabad News: Celebrating the birthday on the elevated road of Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh was overwhelming for the youth. Taking action against the youths, the police arrested them and registered a case. Along with this, the police has warned that strict action will be taken against those who indulge in such riots in the name of cutting the cake.

Actually, a few days ago a video went viral on social media. In this, many youths were seen celebrating the birthday of a friend in the middle of the road. During this, they also did fireworks without caring about each other’s lives. After this video went viral on social media, there was a stir in the police department. Taking action in the matter, the police identified the youths seen in the video and arrested them on Tuesday.

SP City Gyanendra Kumar Singh and CO Swatantra Kumar Singh also conducted a checking campaign on Tuesday night. During this, some more such youths were arrested, who were cutting cakes on the road. Gyanendra Kumar Singh said that taking cognizance of the video, the police took action very swiftly. He said that earlier also the police department had taken action against the rioters on the elevated road and youths whose videos had gone viral have also been arrested and registered a case. Along with this, action is being taken to send them to jail for violating the law.


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what is the whole matter

This video is of elevated road passing in front of Haj House located in Sahibabad Kotwali area. On September 13, Mukul Malhotra of Prem Nagar celebrated his birthday with his 10-12 companions. During this, these people created a lot of ruckus, the video of which went viral on social media on Saturday and Sunday. According to the police, he had also threatened those passing by on the strength of sticks etc. After this, the Indirapuram Kotwali police had arrested two accused including Mukul and filed a report against 11 including him under serious sections.


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