Harishankar Tiwari was the ‘god father’ of UP’s mafia, there was a time when he had to save his life

It is said that the fear of Shri Prakash had entered Tiwari’s mind. So much so that he started keeping a relative of Sriprakash around him. He was sure that Sriprakash would not shoot at him after seeing his relative.

Mafiagiri was started by Karim Lala in Mumbai. In the 60s, the Pathan gang became active in Mumbai and then till Dawood Ibrahim came into the main frame, Mumbai was ruled by the Pathans. Dawood completely destroyed the empire of his once mentor Karim Lala. If we talk about UP, the beginning of mafiagiri is believed to have taken place at the hands of Harishankar Tiwari. He had the title of Baba among the mafia. No matter who may be Bahubali, but no one dared to confront Harishankar Tiwari. He was respected by everyone in the mafia world. But there came a time when, like Karim Lala, one of his disciples challenged him. Tiwari had to make many efforts to save his life.

Gorakhpur University student Harishankar Tiwari emerged from politics

During the JP movement, a name emerged rapidly in Gorakhpur University. It was of Harishankar Tiwari. Tiwari made a very sharp grip on student politics. He was Bahubali, so the team around him kept getting bigger. In that period, Harishankar Tiwari was considered purely as Bahubali only. He was Sarmeedar of Brahmins. He had an enmity with the leader of the Thakurs, Virendra Pratap Shahi. Such was the enmity between the two that in the 80s, gunfire had become common in Gorakhpur. Shahi had several bloody battles with Tiwari. Many dead bodies also fell on both sides. This feud came to an end when Virendra Pratap Shahi was killed. Since then the war between the two groups ended.

Bloody war with Virendra Shahi, many times Gorakhpur echoed with bullets

However, in the middle of the battle with Shahi, Tiwari understood the recipe for maintaining himself. He knew that he can play long innings as a mafia only if he interferes in politics. Instead of making a politician his godfather, Tiwari decided to go to the place himself. He stood from Chillupar assembly seat in Gorakhpur in 1985. The special thing was that Tiwari was behind the bars of the jail when the elections were held. It is also a record in Indian politics that Tiwari was the first leader who won the election while staying inside the jail. After that many such cases came.

Tiwari stood from Chillupar, won from jail and then continued to win for 22 years

Tiwari hoisted his flag for 22 consecutive years from Chillupar seat. He used to get ticket from one party or the other. First he would have won the election and then he would have become a minister. So to say, he had become a politician. But his interference in the mafia continued unabated. Be it UP or Bihar, it is said that without his knowledge nothing big could have happened anywhere. Tiwari also set up a team in front of him which used to work on his instructions.

Shivprakash Shukla quickly made his place in the mafia world

In this episode, a name quickly emerged. Tiwari saved Sriprakash Shukla, named in a murder case, from the clutches of the police. He was also a Brahmin. So Tiwari saw a lot of potential in him. Sriprakash Shukla was a promising student. But once he strayed from the line, he kept on straying. Once his name appeared in the police records, he did not look back. It is said that on the behest of Tiwari, he did many things. He used to consider Harishankar Tiwari as his everything. Was ready to do anything on his one gesture.


UP’s Bahubali leader Harishankar Tiwari passed away, breathed his last at the age of 86

First killed Virendra Shahi, then killed Bihar’s minister

In the world of Jarayam, Sriprakash’s name had grown rapidly. It is said that in 1997, on the behest of Tiwari, he publicly killed his arch-enemy Virendra Shahi. He shot Shahi more than 100 times with AK 47 in Lucknow. Sriprakash had become unbridled. At the behest of Mokama’s Surajbhan, he went to Bihar and publicly killed a minister Brij Bihari Prasad in 1998. It is said that the task of killing the minister was given to other shooters as well but they failed. Defying the security of the minister, he shot him publicly in the government hospital. After that massacre, the coin in the name of Sriprakash ran. So much so that he had taken the betel nut of the then CM of Uttar Pradesh, Kalyan Singh. Meanwhile, he had a rift with Tiwari. The sourness increased so much that Tiwari came on the target of Sriprakash.

Harishankar Tiwari was afraid of Shivprakash Shukla, could recover only after his death

It is said that the fear of Shri Prakash had entered Tiwari’s mind. So much so that he started keeping a relative of Sriprakash around him. He was sure that Sriprakash would not shoot at him after seeing his relative. Shukla’s track record had also become such that Tiwari started getting scared every moment. They went underground. He came on the scene only when on September 22, 1998, at the age of 25, Sriprakash Shukla was killed in a police encounter by UP’s STF in Ghaziabad. Tiwari came to life only after Shivprakash was killed. Once, he had almost agreed that just as his disciple Dawood had killed Karim Lala, in the same way, Shri Prakash might destroy him too. But this did not happen.


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