Haryana Politics: Congress gave a tough fight to BJP in Lok Sabha elections, now it will fight for Rajya Sabha seat

After the battle of Lok Sabha elections in Haryana is over, now BJP and Congress are face to face regarding the by-election to be held on a Rajya Sabha seat. This Rajya Sabha seat has become vacant due to Deepender Singh Hooda being elected as a Lok Sabha MP. Deepender Singh Hooda won the election from Rohtak by a margin of 3.7 lakh votes.

Along with the by-election for the Rajya Sabha seat, BJP and Congress are also busy preparing for the assembly elections to be held in 5 months. But before that, this by-election is very important for both BJP and Congress.

Winning this by-election is also a matter of prestige for former Chief Minister Bhupendra Singh Hooda.

There are 5 Rajya Sabha seats in Haryana. Out of these, three seats are with BJP leaders and one seat was won by independent MP Kartikeya Sharma. The names of Rajya Sabha MPs from Haryana are Subhash Barala, Ramchandra Jangra and Krishna Lal Panwar.

Congress reached from 0 to 5 seats

Congress has performed brilliantly in Haryana in the Lok Sabha elections 2024. The party has won 5 out of 10 seats whereas last time it did not get a single seat. In such a situation, the party does not want to lose its lead by keeping this Rajya Sabha seat in its possession before going to the assembly elections.


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nayab singh saini
Will BJP be able to win the Haryana assembly elections? (Source-FB)

On the other hand, there is an atmosphere of restlessness within the BJP due to the poor performance in the Lok Sabha elections and in Haryana, the party has moved on from its poor performance in the Lok Sabha elections and is busy preparing for the assembly elections. But before that, it faces the challenge of winning the Rajya Sabha by-election.

Both BJP and Congress want to win this seat but the question is in whose favour is the seat math. Let’s understand this.

The number of members of the Legislative Assembly in Haryana is 90 but currently there are 87 MLAs in the Assembly.

How did three MLAs reduce?

Independent MLA Rakesh Daulatabad has died. Ranjit Chautala had resigned from the membership of the Legislative Assembly to contest the Lok Sabha elections. Apart from this, Varun Chaudhary will also have to leave the membership of the Legislative Assembly due to being elected MP from Ambala seat.

The opposition has 44 MLAs

Political parties How many MLAs are there
Congress 29
JJP 10
Independent 4

The ruling party has 43 MLAs

Political parties How many MLAs are there
BJP 41
Halopa 1
Independent 1

JJP is not united, there are chances of cross voting

Looking at the figures, it is clear that the opposition has more MLAs but the problem for the opposition is that JJP is not united. In Haryana, two JJP MLAs Jogiram Sihag and Ramniwas Surjakheda were seen with the BJP in the Lok Sabha elections. Both these MLAs can support the BJP in the Rajya Sabha elections.

In such a situation, there can be cross voting in the Rajya Sabha elections and BJP can get direct benefit from it.


Lok Sabha Elections 2024: Clear message of Lok Sabha elections, there will be a tough fight between BJP and Congress in Haryana assembly elections
Bhupinder Singh Hooda Nayab Saini
Former CM Bhupendra Singh Hooda and CM Nayab Saini. (Source- FB)

Saini government is in minority: Hooda

Former Chief Minister and the biggest face of the Congress in Haryana, Bhupendra Singh Hooda, has been continuously alleging that the BJP government in the state is in minority and President’s rule should be imposed. However, Bhupendra Singh Hooda has said that the party has no plans to demand a floor test.

It has to be told that after not getting full majority in the 2019 assembly elections, BJP formed the government with Jannayak Janata Party (JJP). This government lasted for four and a half years and in March this year, BJP broke the alliance with JJP. After this, BJP got a shock when three independent MLAs supporting its government withdrew their support from the government. The names of these MLAs are Sombir Sangwan (Dadri), Randhir Golen (Pundri) and Dharampal Gondar (Nilokheri).

BJP’s vote share fell, Congress’s increased

Political parties Votes received in Lok Sabha elections 2019 (in percentage) Votes received in Lok Sabha elections 2024 (in percentage)
Congress 28.51 43.67
BJP 58.21 46.11

BJP and Congress are also ready for the assembly elections

BJP and Congress have also geared up for the assembly elections. All the big leaders including former Chief Minister Bhupendra Singh Hooda and State Congress President Chaudhary Udaybhan Singh are going to hold district level workers’ conferences across Haryana, while BJP will also call upon all the big leaders including former Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar, Chief Minister Naib Singh Saini, National Secretary Omprakash Dhankhar to unite the BJP workers across the state to win the elections.


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PM Modi at BJP headquarters after victory in Lok Sabha elections (Source- PTI)

Meanwhile, BJP has to announce its new state president in Haryana. Regarding this, the question being asked in the state politics is whether BJP will give a chance to a non-Jat leader for the post of state president or will it make a Jat leader the party president sensing the indifference of Jats in the Lok Sabha elections. It has to be said that BJP has made non-Jat leader Naib Singh Saini the Chief Minister.

Congress has a heavyweight Jat leader like Bhupendra Singh Hooda, while BJP can give a chance to a Jat leader for the post of state president to compete with Hooda.


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