Have you ever seen an owl’s ear? You will be surprised to see the video

You must have seen owls around you, but have you ever seen owl’s ears?

Countless species of animals and birds are found in the world. We are not properly aware of many animals living around us. You must have seen owls around you, but have you ever seen owl’s ears? Rarely have you ever seen an owl’s ear, but a video has surfaced in which a man is showing an owl’s ear.

Have you seen owl ears?

It can be seen in the viral video that a person has an owl in his hand. He is showing the ear next to the owl’s head. People are surprised to see the owl’s ears and are not able to believe after seeing the video. Till now millions of people have watched this video. More than 22 thousand people have liked this video.

Such reactions coming after watching the video

One person wrote after watching the video, ‘We didn’t want to see it, why do you want to show it?’ Another wrote, ‘Warning content should have been written before showing such videos. It is not something that everyone can see. Another wrote, ‘I didn’t even know till today that owls have ears. After watching this video, I got good information about owl.

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An Instagram user wrote, ‘The more you know nature, the less it remains. The owl is a very mysterious creature anyway. Another user wrote, ‘Don’t know why I didn’t like this video after watching it. This video should not have been shown like this.


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Explain that while sharing the video on Instagram account @calgarywildlife, it is written in the caption, You can see an owl examining the wound. Although it is written in the video that have you ever seen the ears of an owl? The ear of the owl is shown in the video just behind the eye.


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