‘He is an AAP worker, pick him up and throw him out’, CM Manohar Lal Khattar furious over the complaint in Haryana’s public dialogue

Another video of the public dialogue program has also surfaced, in which the chief minister is telling an elderly woman, “Ab tu ruk ja, sit ja ja… You have been sent from somewhere… Then shut up.”

Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar has landed in a new controversy on Sunday (May 14, 2023). Two videos of his ‘Jan Samvad’ program are going viral on social media. In the video, he ordered one of the complainants to be thrown out of the meeting, calling them an Aam Aadmi Party worker, while in the second video, he is asking an elderly woman complainant to keep quiet. After this video of him surfaced, you have become an attacker on him.

During the Jan Samvad program, the Chief Minister listens to the problems of the people and solves them on the spot. In a public dialogue, the Chief Minister announced setting up of a drug de-addiction center in every district to make the state drug-free. He said that saints and eminent personalities would be entrusted with the task of running these centres, which would aim to guide the youth and bring them on the right path. Meanwhile, as soon as a person present there tried to speak, Khattar interrupted him. He said, “Don’t let politics do it. He is a politician. Aam Aadmi Party worker. Pick it up, beat it and throw it out.

Another video of the program has also surfaced, in which the Chief Minister is telling an elderly woman, “Ab tu ruk ja, sit ja ja… You have been sent from somewhere… Then shut up.” The Chief Minister has come into controversy after these two videos of him surfaced. The Aam Aadmi Party has become an attacker on him. AAP leader Anurag Dhanda said that the language used by Manohar Lal Khattar cannot be of any Chief Minister. In a tweet on Saturday, he said, “AAP workers will ask you questions in every public dialogue programme. Yesterday you detained our party worker in Sirsa and today you got our worker thrashed by the police in Dabwali. He further said that we will not allow BJP’s mass dialogue propaganda to continue. He said that our workers will go to the program and ask questions to the Chief Minister in front of the public.


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In another tweet, Dhanda said that an elderly woman, “who lost her son due to drugs, is pleading to stop drug abuse, then the Chief Minister is shamelessly saying that someone asked him to say so.” taught for. Is this mass communication?

According to an official statement, the Chief Minister was interacting with people during a public dialogue program at Chormar Kheda village in Sirsa. He later announced during a public interaction program in Dabwali village that Sirsa’s Dabwali sub-division would now be a new police district, a move that would help combat drug trafficking.


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