He rushed to Vrindavan out of devotion to Lord Krishna the young Russian woman found a life partner

Under the influence of Lord Krishna, the young Russian Yuna rushed to Vrindavan. She immediately fell in love with the young Indian.
Vrindavan, Krishna’s paradise! This breathtakingly beautiful place in Uttar Pradesh is associated with the faith and devotion of billions of people. Not only in the country, but devotees from all over the world flock to Vrindavan. Even devotees from home and abroad often fall in love with the place and stay here. and have devoted themselves to the service of Allah. In the same way, the young girl Yuna rushed to Vrindavan from faraway Russia under the attraction of Lord Krishna. And she immediately fell in love with the young Indian!

Yuna, a young woman of 36, crossed the Satsamuddu and came to Vrindavan with immense devotion to Lord Krishna. He spoke with Rajkaran, a young Indian who has been living in Vrindavan for some twenty years. And Rajakaran has committed himself to Gomata’s service on the Guru’s instructions. Yuna also comes and goes in Vrindavan.
Although the thirty-five-year reign has no so-called poetry. Meanwhile, Yuna doesn’t know the Hindi language either. But this language did not stand in the way of their love. In fact, the language of love is such that it separates and perhaps doesn’t need to be understood. So it didn’t take long for the four hands to become one after the four eyes had met. In April 2023, Rajkaran and Yuna were married in Delhi, in accordance with Hindu rituals. After the wedding, Yuna fully accepted Indian culture. The mangalsutra still hangs around his neck. He regularly dyes his sinthi with vermilion. Nupur also wears anklets, in accordance with Indian custom.
People all around were surprised to see this couple. Fans at home and abroad are also fascinated by this couple, symbolizing immortal love. During the day, Rajakaran-Yuna enjoys cow-seva. In the evening, the couple earn their living selling religious books outside the ISKCON temple in Vrindavan and painting sandalwood tilaks on the foreheads of devotees.


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