Hey compulsion! Woman driving a rickshaw with a child in her lap, people are giving such reactions on the viral video

It is visible in the video that a woman is driving an e-rickshaw on the road. Some passengers are also sitting in it.

Many emotional videos keep going viral on social media. There are also some videos in which we see the struggles of mother, brother and father. Meanwhile, a video of a woman is becoming increasingly viral, in which she is seen driving an e-rickshaw. Along with this, he is also holding his child in his lap.

Video of woman driving e-rickshaw goes viral

It is not known when and where the viral video is from, but it is visible in the video that a woman is driving an e-rickshaw on the road. Some passengers are also sitting in it. If there is a child in the hands of the woman, then it is visible very small. After watching this video, many people have saluted her as a mother but some have also raised questions.

Such reactions coming on social media

An Instagram user wrote that mother is greater than God, no one else in the world can take the place of mother. Another wrote, ‘I salute this woman but the question is that on one hand she is putting the child at risk and on the other hand she is putting the lives of passengers at risk by driving a rickshaw. There is no caution. A user named Neha wrote, ‘Such women should be helped.’

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Another wrote, “Instead of making videos and reels, can’t someone come forward to help this woman.” One wrote, ‘This is really very risky. She is putting her life, that of her child and the lives of the passengers at risk. One Instagram user wrote, ‘The woman should be helped by giving a belt to carry the child. She is putting herself, children and passengers at risk.


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Please tell that this video has been shared on Viral Bhayani’s Instagram account, which has been seen and liked by millions of people till now. This video is increasingly viral on many platforms of social media and people are praising the woman. There are some people who are advising women not to put their lives in danger.


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