High tomato prices make Pune farmer a millionaire

While the rising prices of tomatoes have hit the pocket of the common man in a big way, it has proved to be a profitable deal for a farmer from Pune, Maharashtra.

Overcoming all the challenges, the farmer has earned three crore rupees by selling tomato crop in the last one month. Ishwar Gaikar, a farmer from Pachghar village in Junnar tehsil of Pune district, had to throw away a large quantity of tomato crop in May this year due to low prices. Despite this setback, this farmer showed unwavering determination and cultivated tomatoes on his 12-acre farm. Now amidst the skyrocketing prices of tomatoes, Gaykar’s hard work has paid off handsomely and he has become a millionaire.

Gaikkar claims that he has earned Rs 3 crore by selling his tomato produce between June 11 and July 18. During this period, he has sold 18,000 crates of tomatoes (20 kg tomatoes in each crate) to the Krishi Upaj Mandi Samiti at Narayangaon in Junnar tehsil for Rs 3 crore. He intends to earn around Rs 50 lakh by selling the remaining 4,000 crates of tomatoes.


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He has spent a total of Rs 40 lakh on tomato cultivation and transportation. He said that I have 18 acres of land. Out of this, I cultivated tomato in 12 acres. Since June 11, I have earned Rs 3 crore by selling 18,000 crates of tomatoes. Gaiker sold tomatoes on June 11 at Rs 770 per crate (Rs 37 to 38 per kg). On July 18, he got Rs 2,200 per crate (Rs 110 per kg). Gaiker recalled how two months back he had to throw away his harvested tomato crop due to low prices.

He said that this is the best of times for tomato growers, but we have seen the worst of times as well. In the month of May, I grew tomatoes on one acre of land, but due to very low prices, a large quantity of the produce had to be thrown away. I had thrown away the produce as the rate per crate was only Rs 50, ie Rs 2.50 per kg. Gaikar told that in 2021 he had incurred a loss of Rs 15 lakh to 16 lakh and last year also he made only a marginal profit.

Another farmer Raju Mahale has also earned Rs 20 lakh by selling 2.5 thousand crates of tomatoes in the current season. Akshay Solat, a trader of Narayangaon Agricultural Produce Market Committee, has bought Gaikar’s produce. Solat said that at present the tomato market is booming. He bought tomatoes at Rs 2,400 per crate. He said that I am in this business for the last 15 years. But this kind of boom in tomatoes has never been seen before.


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