Hindon River News: Water level increased in Hindon, OLA suffered damage, hundreds of cars drowned, DM said – yard unauthorized, vehicles not removed even after warning

Hindon River Noida: Due to rise in water level of Hindon river in Noida’s Ecotech-3 area, hundreds of cars have been submerged in water.

Hindon River Flood: Till now people were facing problems in the country’s capital New Delhi due to rise in the water level of Yamuna river. Now in Ghaziabad and Noida of UP adjacent to New Delhi, the Hindon river has started showing its ‘furious form’. The water level in the Hindon river, which is considered almost dead, has increased these days. Because of this, water has entered many colonies situated on the banks of the river in Ghaziabad and Noida. It has now been learned that hundreds of cars have been submerged in water due to rise in the water level of Hindon river in Ecotech-3 area of ​​Noida.

DM said – Unauthorized yard was built in the submergence area

After this video of Noida came to the fore, DM Gautam Budh Nagar tweeted that a private company has built its own unauthorized yard in the submergence area of ​​Hindon river, which did not remove the vehicles parked here even after repeated warnings. Here the general life has not been affected in any way and there has been no loss of life.

DCP Anil Yadav of Central Noida told that the water level of Hindon river has increased. We are appealing to the people to vacate the houses. Here is the dump yard of Ola company, where old and damaged vehicles are kept. He was given two notices to remove the vehicle from here. People have been evacuated from the surrounding areas. There is no loss of life here.


Death of a woman in Ghaziabad

The water level of the Hindon river, which caused floods in many areas of UP’s Ghaziabad district, has come down a bit, but still the situation has not improved much in many areas. According to district administration sources, the flood water in Karheda village has receded by about a foot after the NDRF team cleared the water hyacinth and other garbage from the railway and road bridge over the Hindon river. However, the flood water is still full in some nearby colonies including the village and city park.

Assistant Commissioner of Police Ravi Kumar Singh said that a woman named Meenu (42) had come to see her house surrounded by floods in Attor Nagla village, when she drowned in a water-filled pit on the side of the road. He said that the NDRF team today distributed food packets and water and milk bottles to the villagers who were stuck in their homes. Motor and hand-powered boats were deployed to wade through the flooded streets but most people refused to leave their homes.


Due to increase in the water level of the pond in Damoh many villages drowned

Due to floods, the situation is bad in many states of the country. One of these is Madhya Pradesh. Due to rains in Damoh in Madhya Pradesh, water has entered the nearby villages of Pondi, Jetgarh and Khangla due to rise in the water level of Pondi pond of Tendukheda block.


Ghaziabad Flood: Outcry due to floods in Hindon, 200 houses submerged – more than 500 people were shifted to relief camps

Area SDM Avinash Rawat told that we tried to stop its leakage but it did not stop, after which we decided to vacate the village. Crops have been damaged due to seepage, houses have been flooded. There has been no loss of life or animals. We are conducting a survey of the loss of people.

He said that we had received a complaint of leakage, after which we reached the spot. We evacuated the village connected to the river. A few hours after the village was evacuated, the dam broke and water entered many houses. Everyone is safe. There was no harm to people or animals. People are assessing the loss of crops.


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