Hockey player Yuvraj had to comment on Orfi Javed, actress shared screenshot of DM

Urfi Javed and hockey player Yuvraj got into an argument on social media, which is very much discussed.

Urfi Javed, who became famous with Bigg Bossn OTT, is often in the discussion on social media. Urfi’s name is often in the headlines because of her clothes and sometimes because of some other controversy. This time Urfi Javed is in trouble with hockey player Yuvraj.

Tension between Urfi Javed and Yuvraj

Actually there were reports about Urfi Javed that he has been taken into custody by the police in Dubai. Later that news turned out to be a rumor and Urfi shared a video and said that the whole country wants to see me in jail. The same video was also shared by Viral on his Instagram account.

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Hockey player Yuvraj commented on the video – Thank you Dubai. Please keep them there always, I will be grateful to you. After this, Urfi Javed’s reply came and by tagging Yuvraj, he wrote – Yuvraj, you have a lot of problem with my clothes but still you message. While making another comment, Urfi wrote- Oh I have a screenshot of the message that you sent to me and the rest of the 99999 girls.

Urfi Javed replied to Yuvraj

Yuvraj scolds Urfi

Yuvraj replied that he never messaged Urfi. If that was the case, she would have put the screenshot of my message first. I have many friends in Bollywood who tell me not to reply to him. I want him to see my messages where I have commented on his clothes. Yuvraj said that I had just commented on Viral Bhiyani’s post to stop promoting it. I am not someone to comment on anyone but the person in front should know when and how to dress. Deepika Padukone will not attend press conference in bikini.


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Urfi Javed shared the screenshot

Later Urfi Javed also shared a screenshot of Yuvraj where he was asking Urfi about his well being. Urfi told that this message is from when she was not popular.

urfi javed, yuvraj, hockey player
Urfi Javed shared screenshot of DM

Urfi Javed shared the video

Urfi Javed has also kept his point by sharing a video and said that when you are a public figure, your account should be verified, then you should comment thoughtfully. You are saying that I deserve to be in jail. It is because of you people that sometimes I get rape and sometimes death threats.


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Urfi said- It is becoming difficult for me to complain about so many people. Stop all this. While sharing another video, Urfi Javed said that he will wear whatever he wants.


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