How is the condition of the fourth cheetah cub born in Kuno? Jwala’s three children have died

The country’s ambitious project to reintroduce cheetahs has suffered a setback with the death of three Indian-born cheetah cubs in Kuno National Park.

The condition of the fourth cheetah cub born in Madhya Pradesh’s Kuno National Park (KNP) is stable. A forest official gave this information on Friday. The cases of death of cheetahs have increased in Kuno National Park in the past days. A newborn cheetah had died on Tuesday (May 23). This was the fourth cheetah to die in the last two months.

Kuno Park Director Uttam Sharma told PTI, “The condition of the fourth cheetah cub is stable but it is very difficult to tell whether any of the sick animals will survive.” We are working day and night to save him. In fact, in September 2022, a female cheetah named Jwala, brought from Namibia to Kuno, gave birth to four cubs in March 2023, out of which three cubs died three days ago. Has been done while the treatment of the fourth cub is going on. Jwala was earlier known as Siya.

Cheetahs died due to extreme heat

Another forest department official blamed the scorching heat for the death of the three cubs on May 23. He said that when these three cubs died on May 23, the temperature there was more than 45 degree Celsius, which was not favorable for them. In Namibia, cheetahs give birth at the beginning of the rainy season followed by winter, while Jwala gave birth to four cubs here in early summer, he said. In terms of temperature, this season was not favorable for the cubs.


4 cheetahs died in two months, now because of this the newborn died

The death of a cub was reported on 23 May in Kuno National Park. Two cubs also died in the afternoon of the same day but their deaths were reported on 25 May. According to the official press release issued on Thursday, after the death of a cheetah cub on May 23, the team kept an eye on the female cheetah Jwala and her remaining three cubs. It was told in the release that on May 23, the team found that the condition of the three cubs was not good and it was decided to treat them. At that time the afternoon temperature in Kuno was around 46- 47 degree Celsius.

three cheetahs have died

According to the press release, the cheetah cubs were dehydrated and despite treatment, the cubs could not be saved. At present, the condition of the fourth cub is stable and is undergoing treatment. One of the Namibian cheetahs, Sasha, died of kidney disease on 27 March 2023, while Uday, a cheetah brought from South Africa, died on 13 April. At the same time, Daksha, a female cheetah brought from South Africa, died on May 9 this year.

Apart from three cheetah cubs, three of the cheetahs brought from South Africa and Namibia have died in Kuno. These cheetahs were brought from Namibia and South Africa in September last year and February this year.


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