How will the united opposition get success in Lok Sabha elections 2024? PK told

He told that the experiment of Janata Party was successful only when there was anger in the minds of the people about the tragedy of Emergency behind it.

Election strategist-turned-politician Prashant Kishor has said that the opposition’s campaign against the Modi government in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections cannot be successful only on the strength of numbers. He has to do something concrete on the ground. He said that a narrative has to be told in front of the public. People have to be assured that the alliance of opposition parties is not just an alliance, but it is coming with full preparation to fulfill the aspirations of the people for the next five years, only then something is possible. Only with this trust, the public will see some possibilities in the opposition. Prashant Kishor, founder of IPAC, said, “Without any ground power, people will not support parties just by looking at their numbers.”

Opposition has to create wave against power like JP movement

He said that a united opposition can work only if it can create a massive wave against the incumbency. He told that the experiment of Janata Party was successful only when behind it was the tragedy of Emergency in the minds of the people and the people’s movement of Jayaprakash Narayan. During the reign of VP Singh, the Bofors scam fueled anger towards the Congress in the minds of the people and this made people exercise their franchise against the Congress.


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Prashant Kishor has quit his job as a political consultant and is campaigning under the name ‘Jan Suraj’. Under this, he was taking out a yatra in Bihar. Meanwhile, due to injury, he had stopped his journey for a few days. He has resumed it after a month’s rest. Talking to the media in Bihar’s Samastipur district, Prashant Kishor said that there is no need to give much importance to the split in NCP in Maharashtra and the CBI’s charge sheet against Bihar Deputy Chief Minister Tejashwi Yadav.

On the issue of political developments in Maharashtra, he said that the people there will decide what is in their interest and what is not. He said that normally the base of a party does not end due to the departure of some MLAs. He said that nothing much serious impact is visible on NCP.

He also refused to give much importance to reports that Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar is worried about the same happening in JDU after the Maharashtra incident.


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