Husband forgot to throw the garbage of the house, wife kicked and punched him after returning from office after 14 hours shift, video went viral

Husband is being beaten a lot by his wife and this video is becoming very viral on social media.

Many videos are viral on social media. Many such videos must have also been seen in which there would have been a fight between husband and wife. One such video has gone viral on social media in which the husband is beating his husband fiercely (Wife Beating Husband). This video is becoming very viral on social media. It is seen in this video in which the wife is suddenly seen kicking and punching the husband who came home from office.

It is clearly visible in the video that as soon as the husband comes home and takes off his helmet on the table, the wife comes running and starts beating the husband with fists and fists. Now people are wondering why the wife did this?

People started asking on social media why the wife was doing this. After this, several media reports claimed that the husband had returned home after working a 14-hour shift. During this, while going to the office in the morning, he had forgotten to take the garbage in the house. For this reason, the angry wife thrashed her husband fiercely. However, till now no information has been given by the husband and wife about it.


Pawan Singh’s song was playing on TV and children were giving exams; This is how people are enjoying on viral video

At the same time, another video has surfaced on social media in which the increasing lack of respect towards teachers can be seen. This video is from America, where a teacher was attacked by a student with pepper spray after seizing the phone. Actually during the class a girl student was using the phone and during this the teacher saw her. The teacher took the phone from the student and kept it with him. The student got angry on this and started asking the teacher for a phone call.

When the phone was not received, the girl student sprayed pepper on the teacher’s face and that upset the teacher. The teacher’s eyes start burning and he sits on the ground. During this, the girl student is arguing with 20 teachers and is asking for her phone back. This video is also viral on social media.


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