Husband went to Dubai to earn, here his wife had a relationship with someone else, returned after years and had to pay a heavy price

Noorjahan, wife of Mohammad Mian, who went to Dubai to earn, had an illegal relationship with Naushad for the last 21 years.

In Bihar, a mother of six children was so possessed by love that she got her husband murdered. The case pertains to Ladhpur village in Gopalganj district. In fact, on the night of 22 May, Mohammad Miyan, a fish trader, was shot dead. The police has now disclosed the murder case. In fact, Noorjahan Khatoon, wife of a fish businessman, along with her lover Naushad Alam, had executed the incident. Both had taken the help of a betel nut killer to get the businessman murdered. The police recovered Rs 75,000, a pistol, 3 live cartridges, 5 mobiles and a motorcycle from the killers.

Actually the businessman’s wife was having an affair with Naushad Alam. There used to be an argument between the businessman and his wife regarding this matter. The businessman used to beat his wife. Distressed by this, the wife planned to kill her husband. She had given contract killers Mansoor Alam and Parvez Alam a betel nut worth Rs 50,000 for the murder of her husband. A pistol and 4 live cartridges were bought from the betel nut money.

Wife listening to husband’s screams on phone

The night the supari killers were killing the woman’s husband, she was talking to him on mobile and was looking through the window. The killers killed her husband in front of her. After being shot, the husband was shouting whose voice the woman was listening to on the phone.


Was living in live-in for 15 years, in a dispute of 7 lakhs, a woman was cut into 6 pieces by a stone cutting machine, this is how the secret was revealed

In this case, the police say that the businessman was sleeping on a cot outside his house. His wife was watching him from the window and was talking to the killers on the phone.

husband had gone to dubai

In fact the businessman lived in Dubai for a long time. Here the wife who was living with 6 children had a relationship with someone else. During interrogation, it was found that Naushad had a relationship with Noorjahan for the last 21 years.

On the other hand, accused Narjahan told that her husband did not treat her like a wife. He used to beat her. She told her husband that she would live with her lover Naushad along with the children. After which there was an argument between the two. Only after this he took this step. At present, the police have arrested all the four accused involved in the murder.


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