I am not your servant, indecent passenger on IndiGo flight, air hostess gave a befitting reply

Heat Exchange In Flight: Jet Airways CEO Sanjeev Kapoor, speaking in support of the crew member, said that they are also human beings.

Mid-Air Excitement: Recently, a video went viral on social media regarding a heated argument between a crew member and a passenger on an IndiGo flight coming from the Turkish city of Istanbul to Delhi. Used to be. In the video clip, an argument is taking place between the air hostess and a passenger. The air hostess is saying, “I am an employee, I am not your servant.” However, internet users have given different reactions to this video clip.

Jet Airways CEO Sanjeev Kapoor said – crew members are also human beings

The incident reportedly took place on December 16 on a Delhi-bound Istanbul flight. The airline company in its response has asked to look into the issue. Speaking in support of the crew member, Jet Airways CEO Sanjeev Kapoor said that they are also human beings. Sharing the clip on Twitter, Kapoor wrote, “As I said earlier, the crew are human too. It must have taken a lot to bring him to breaking point. Over the years I have seen in-flight crew being slapped and abused, called ‘servants’ and worse. Hope he is fine despite the pressure.”

There was a fierce argument in the flight during the middle journey

The crew members are seen sitting on the floor talking to the passenger. The passenger is not visible in the video. Making strong remarks, she is heard saying, “You pointed a finger at me and you are shouting at me. My crew is crying because of you, please understand there is a car, the counters are up. Whatever you want, we can always serve it. The man is heard curtly asking, “Why are you yelling” and the crew member reiterates his stand, “Because you yelled at us.”


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She stands up and says, “No, I am very sorry sir. You can’t talk to the crew like that. I am listening to you quietly with all due respect, but you have to respect the crew as well. There is excitement in the conversation. During this both the people can be heard shouting. The crew member further says, ‘I’m sorry, you can’t talk to me like this. I am also an employee here. Your boarding pass shows..yes, I am an employee. I am not your servant.


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