I do not agree- Uniform Civil Code is necessary to increase national sentiment- RSS Guru Golwalkar gave blunt opinion on UCC

Guru Golwalkar, the second Sarsanghchalak of the RSS, believed that India has always had diversities and unity is not necessary for unity but harmony.

After the statement of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, a debate has started in the country regarding the Uniform Civil Code (UCC). The Uniform Civil Code is an issue that has been on the BJP’s election agenda for a long time and is also close to the heart of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS). However, Madhavrao Sadashivrao Golwalkar (MS Golwalkar), the second Sarsanghchalak of the RSS, was against it. In a conversation with KR Malkani, editor of the English newspaper ‘Motherland’, on August 23, 1972, he spoke in detail on the Uniform Civil Code. Its details are found in the ninth volume of ‘Shri Guruji Samagar’, which is a compilation of Golwalkar’s letters, interviews and talks.

MS Golwalkar’s opinion on UCC

KR Malkani asks Guru Golwalkar, don’t you consider Uniform Civil Code necessary to increase national sentiment? Guru Golwalkar says on this – I do not believe at all. This may surprise you or many, but I believe that I must say the truth that I see. On this, Malkani asks, don’t you believe that uniformity is necessary in the country? In response, Golwalkar says- Harmony and uniformity are two different things. Uniformity is not necessary. India has always had diversities and unity requires harmony, not uniformity.

It is said in the constitution that the state will try for Uniform Civil Code? In response, Guru Golwalkar says, ‘It is okay. It is not that I have any objection to the Uniform Civil Code. But just because something is in the constitution does not mean that it becomes mandatory. Then there is also the fact that the Constitution of India is an amalgamation of several foreign constitutions. It is neither made from the point of view of Indian life nor is it based on it’.

attitude towards muslims

Malkani asks Guru Golwalkar, do you think Muslims are opposing Uniform Civil Code just because they want to maintain their separate existence?

MS Golwalkar's views on Uniform Civil Code, UCC
MS Golwalkar’s views on Uniform Civil Code in Guruji Samagra

On this, Golwalkar says that I have no quarrel with any class, caste or community maintaining its existence as long as such existence does not become a reason to move away from the feeling of patriotism. In my opinion some people feel the need of Uniform Civil Code because in their view Muslims have the right to do four marriages and due to this their population is increasing disproportionately. But I am afraid this approach of thinking towards the problem is not the right one. The real problem is that there is no brotherhood between Hindus and Muslims. People who are called secular also see Muslims from a different point of view.

Golwalkar further says that as long as Muslims love this country, its culture… they are welcome to follow their way of life. I am of the firm opinion that those who play politics have spoiled the Muslims. It is Congress, which revived Muslim League in Kerala and promoted Muslim communalism across the country.

RSS, Uniform Civil Code

Malkani fires a question to Golwalkar, ‘Can’t it be said on the basis of the same logic that the making of the Hindu Code Bill was also unnecessary and undesirable?’

‘Hindu Code Bill is also unnecessary’

To this Guru Golwalkar replies, ‘I definitely believe that the Hindu Code Bill is completely unnecessary from the point of view of national unity and solidarity. There have been many codes over the years, but no harm has been done because of them. Until now Kerala had a matriarchal system, what was wrong with it? Local customs or codes have been recognized by all societies.


Why did Dr. Ambedkar support Uniform Civil Code? Know who protested in the Constituent Assembly

Then why is uniform penal law necessary?

If Uniform Civil Code is not necessary, then what is the need of Uniform Penal Code? On this question, Guru Golwalkar says that there is a difference between the two. The civil code is related to the individual and his family. While penal law is related to justice system and other things. It is concerned not only with the individual but also with the society at large.

Opinion on polygamy among Muslims

Malkani asks whether it is worth keeping Muslim sisters in purdah and allowing them to become victims of polygamy? On this Guru Golwalkar says that if your objection to Muslim practices is based on human welfare then it is justified. In such cases, the reformist approach is correct. But it would not be right to have an attitude of bringing everyone equal through the law in a mechanical way. Muslims themselves should reform their old rules and regulations. If they come to the conclusion that polygamy is not right for them, I will be happy. But I believe that I do not want to impose my views on them.


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