I have maximum 2-3 years left after that people will remember that…. Bollywood actor said this on social media

People have reacted to KRK’s tweet. People are asking him whether he is going for Haj.

Actor and film critic Kamal Rashid Khan aka KRK remains very active on Twitter and gives his opinion on every issue. KRK has a channel on YouTube where he makes review videos of movies. He is often trolled but he ignores the trolling and continues to do his work.

In a tweet, KRK has given a message to those trolling him. He says that he has 2-3 years now and when he is not there people will remember him that if KRK was there then it would have been fun to watch the review of the film.

KRK wrote, “I have maximum 2-3 years to talk like this. And after that bye-bye Tata. But maybe some people remember me on Fridays when some really bad movies release. Some people may say – if KRK was there today, it would have been fun to watch the review of this film. Many users have reacted to KRK’s tweet. People are asking him where he is going.



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A user wrote whether he is going for Haj. Whereas a user named Shekhar wrote, “Wow brother! Full airing is going on. The way you say film reviews, we see them as memes. And we don’t care about your movie review. The best thing is that I haven’t even seen your channel. It is fun to see the roast you are. A user named Ajmal wrote, “I wish we would get peace if we leave the review in two or three days.”


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Let us tell you that apart from his tweets, Kamal R Khan also gets trolled for his film. KRK had made ‘Deshdrohi’ and acted in it. Neither his film worked nor his Bollywood career. He himself has roasted his film.


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