I respect Vande Mataram, but cannot read it, SP MLA said – no one is allowed to bow down

The BJP took a jibe at the SP MLA’s statement. The party asked if this is the idea of ​​INDIA.

A leader of the Maharashtra Samajwadi Party has said that he has great respect for Vande Mataram. Party MLA Abu Azmi said, “Whenever Vande Mataram is played in the House, I stand and pay my respects, but I cannot read, because in my religion it is said that Allah, who created the earth, created the sky, created the sun, created the moon, created the whole world, we cannot bow down to anyone other than him. It is said in my religion. I am not insulting you. The Supreme Court has given me the right.”

Vande Mataram issue raised to divert attention from real issues

Speaking on the issue of riots in Sambhajinagar district in the Maharashtra Legislative Assembly on Wednesday, Abu Azmi said that the government was raising the issue of Vande Mataram to divert people’s attention from the real issues. He said that this country is as much yours as it is ours.

“Our forefathers have given their lives for this country”

He tweeted, “We are the ones whose forefathers gave their lives for this country, we are the ones who considered India as their country and not Pakistan. Islam teaches us to bow down before the one who created this whole world. According to my religion, if I cannot recite Vande Mataram, then it does not reduce my respect for my country and my patriotism, and no one should object to this. We are as much of this country as you are!”


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Countering his statement, BJP spokesperson Shahzad Poonawalla tweeted. He said, “Abu Azmi of the Samajwadi Party says that I will not say Vande Mataram. I will not bow my head, because my religion does not allow it. Is this the idea of ​​INDIA? Or is it anti-India? Samajwadi Party is a part of this so-called INDIA.”

He said, “India is there in the name but not in the agenda! Earlier, the SP freed the terrorists and gave protection to Yakub, Afzal.


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