ICC made a big change regarding free hit, now batsmen will benefit, helmet will have to be worn on this fielding position

ICC New Rule: ICC made a big change in the rule of free hit, which will benefit the batsmen.

ICC New Rule in International Cricket: ICC has made changes in some rules keeping cricket more interesting and keeping in mind the safety of the players. By the way, this is not the first time that the ICC has taken such a step. The ICC keeps on reviewing the rules from time to time and there are changes as per the need. Under this, the new rules that have been implemented now are also very interesting and the safety of the players has also been kept in mind. These new rules will be implemented from June 1, 2023. These new rules will be implemented from the Test match between England and Ireland to be held at Lord’s from June 1.

Big change in the rule of free hit

The ICC made a big change in the rule of free hit and under this, now if the ball hits the wicket on the free hit and the batsman runs on it, then it will be added to the batsman’s account and not to the account of extra runs. That is, if a bowler bowls a no ball, then the next ball will be a free hit. Now if the batsman is not able to hit that free hit ball and gets bowled on that ball, but if he takes a run on it, then this run will be of the batsman.

Let us tell you that during the 2022 T20 World Cup, when India and Pakistan were having a match, in the 20th over, the ball hit the stumps on a free hit and Dinesh Karthik and Virat Kohli ran and took three runs, but they were run by. were connected. This happened according to the earlier rule, but now if this happens then all the runs will be added to the batsman’s account.

It is mandatory to wear helmets at high injury risk positions.

Keeping in mind the safety of the players, the ICC in its new rule has made it mandatory for players fielding or batting at high injury risk positions to wear helmets. Under this rule, if a batsman faces a fast bowler, he will have to wear a helmet. On the other hand, if the wicketkeeper is keeping very close to the stump, then it will be necessary for him to wear a helmet, and if a fielder is fielding very close to the batsman, then it will be necessary for him to wear a helmet. Although batsmen or fielders have been adopting such protection in these positions or conditions, but now it has been made mandatory by the ICC.


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