If Vasundhara is not appointed CM we will form a third front” ultimatum from a BJP veteran.

Ahead of the Rajasthan assembly elections, the tone of rebellion within the BJP began to rise. This voice is that of a party veteran, Devi Singh Bhati. He declares that if the BJP does not restore former Prime Minister Vasundhara Raje as Prime Minister, it will consider the option of a third front.
Only a few months remain before Rajasthan’s general elections. Before then, politicians have started helping their constituents. Meanwhile, former BJP minister Devisingh Bhati, a native of Bikaner’s Kolayat, has made a big statement about the face of CM within the BJP. In a special conversation with Aaj Tak, Devisingh said that if Vasundhara Raje is not declared as the face of the BJP CM, then in the next few days I will form a third front. This third front will show its strength in the various assemblies of Rajasthan.
These days, Devisingh Bhati is visiting different parts of Rajasthan, including Marwar, and meeting Vasundhara’s supporters to try and find out their intentions. In this episode, when Bhati reached Barmer’s tour, he briefed the BJP very well. Devi Singh Bhati is very close to Vasundhara Raje. He has been a member of the Legislative Assembly for seven consecutive terms since 1980. He has also been a minister on three occasions.

BJP sidelines mass leaders Bhati said the way the party sidelines mass and local leaders is not good for the BJP. It’s not good for the BJP. That’s why the BJP is facing defeat in the states, one by one.
Bhati said that there is no face in Rajasthan other than Vasundhara Raje’s that can bring the BJP back to power. He added that in the last assembly elections, slogans such as “Modi tujhse bair nahi, Vasundhara teri khair nahi” were used to defeat Vasundhara Raje.

If we feel weak, we will form an alliance with Hanuman Beniwal’s party, said Bhati. If Vasundhara does not become the face, his supporters and we will together form a third front. We will campaign forcefully and only ally with a party if it is weak. It’s not respectable for Prime Minister Narendra Modi to tweet at a small demonstration.

The crowd doesn’t get involved in the BJP campaign

Devisingh Bhati said that the BJP sidelines mass leaders and leaders. That’s why, whether the BJP’s Jan Aakrosh Yatra takes place or not, the Rajasthan campaign won’t be able to gather crowds anywhere. He said Rajasthan would not tolerate the country’s Prime Minister in Jaipur tweeting about crowds gathering during the protest, which is not a respectable situation. Bhati said we are party supporters and mean no harm to the party, but some leaders are trying to make their politics shine by sidelining mass leaders.

Bhati is a fierce opponent of Arjun Meghwal

Devisingh Bhati is one of the leaders closest to Vasundhara Raje. During the last Lok Sabha elections, angered by the ticket given to Arjun Meghwal, Bhati resigned from the BJP. On the question of dissatisfaction with Arjun Meghwal, Bhati said, “I don’t get along with Mr. Meghwal’s style of working.


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