If you were not a leader, what would you have been like, like cricket or football, India, bearded or clean shaven? What did Rahul Gandhi say in response to such questions?

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has answered some special and interesting questions related to his personal life. This occasion was of a program held in Delhi where the Congress leader had arrived as a guest. Where many questions were asked to the Congress leader and in the end he had to face rapid fire, according to which the answers to the questions have to be given very strictly and quickly. During this period, some questions were asked to Rahul Gandhi regarding Bharat Jodo Yatra and his likes and dislikes.

Martial arts and scuba diving

In response to this question, Rahul Gandhi said, “I am OK with both but it depends on the situation.” When I am working in Delhi, I do martial arts and if I get a chance and go out, then scuba diving.

India Jodo Travel Beard or Clean Shave

In response to this, Rahul Gandhi said that he would choose one of the two, the Congress leader further said, “One of the problems that Congress faces with me is that I do not pay much attention to whether I have a beard or not. Give me any food, give me any clothes, I am okay with everything.” In response to social media reels and reading book, Rahul Gandhi said that he likes reading books. Between ice cream and golgappa, he chose ice cream.

What would you have been if you were not a politician?

In response, Rahul Gandhi said, “I could have been anything, I can’t see it that way, me being a political person is my frame and when I talk to my nephew and his friends I am a teacher.” When I am in the kitchen, I become a cook, we all have different frames, we are seen through one lens but I live my life like a journey.”


‘We are facing financial crisis and media attack, still the fight continues’, said Rahul Gandhi

cricket and football

When Rahul Gandhi was asked about cricket and football, he said football was his favorite sport. When he was asked who he liked between Messi and Ronaldo, Rahul Gandhi took the name of Ronaldo.


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