Imran Khan Audio Leak: ‘What is this Chief Justice doing…’ Imran Khan’s audio leak, asked Musarrat Jamshed Cheema – has my message reached?

The Supreme Court has raised questions on the arrest of former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan. Imran Khan will be produced in the High Court today.

Former Prime Minister of Pakistan and PTI Chief Imran Khan has got relief from the Supreme Court. He will be presented in the High Court today. Although an audio of him has come to the fore. This may increase their difficulties. In this audio, he is heard asking questions about the Chief Justice. In the audio that has surfaced, he is heard talking to PTI leader Musarrat Jamshed Cheema after his arrest.

PTI leaders called the release decision historic

The Supreme Court in Pakistan ordered the release of Imran Khan. The leaders of PTI started calling it a historic victory, while the Information Minister of Pakistan raised questions on the Supreme Court of his country. The Supreme Court has ordered Imran Khan to appear in the High Court today. Imran Khan is currently living in the guest house of the police line under the protection of the police.

What is the conversation happening in the audio?

Imran Khan: Hello Musarrat, what is the situation? Did the message reach them?
Musarrat Jamshed Cheema: Sir, I have sent the message. Here we are sitting in the High Court, have made it clear that we will not go from here until Imran Khan is presented.
Imran Khan: Is Khwaja Haris there?
Musarrat Jamshed Cheema: Both Khwaja Haris and Salman Safdar are with me. I am sitting with him. I can get you talking to him if you want.
Imran Khan: I am just asking… tell Azam Swati to file an application in the Supreme Court. What they have done is completely malicious.
Musarrat Jamshed Cheema: Yes, don’t you worry sir.
Imran Khan: What is the Chief Justice doing? He takes orders from them.
Musarrat Jamshed Cheema: NAB and other people came but we told them to produce Khan Sahab in the court. I am sitting with Khwaja Haris. We are sitting in the court itself. Your case is in line for hearing before the Chief Justice.
Imran Khan: No, but the Chief Justice takes orders from him. You should talk to Azam.
Musarrat Jamshed Cheema: Ok sir, take care of yourself.


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