In Mumbai, people are leaving cars, trains and traveling by boat and tractor; People are enjoying a lot on viral video

A video of Virat adjacent to Mumbai is going viral on social media in which people are going to office on a boat.

There was a lot of politics in the recent floods in Delhi. Made many big allegations on Delhi government and MCD. In the country’s capital Delhi, many residential areas were submerged in water, but now even the adjacent areas of Mumbai, the financial capital of the country, have also been submerged in water and people are running boats on the road instead of cars. Many videos related to this are going viral on social media.

Waist-deep water in Vasai-Virar

A video of Virat adjacent to Mumbai is going viral on social media in which people are going to office on a boat. Not only this, in some areas they were forced to travel on tractors and trolleys. Vasai Virar and Nalasopara were waist-deep in water and people were seen going to their homes, markets or offices despite drowning in it.

Many videos going viral on social media

Many videos of waterlogged road in Vasai-Virar, adjacent to Mumbai, are going viral on social media. People are asking the question that what is VVMC doing? Why does it happen that every year most of the areas of this city get submerged in rains. People are expressing outrage over the viral video.

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Purab Sharma wrote, ‘This is Mumbai brother, its people always find a solution to every problem. If the water gets filled, we will go to the office by boat. Another wrote, ‘The day is not far when the people of Vasai-Virar will use all marines. Just go on watching.’ Another wrote that he does not know whether to laugh or cry after seeing this.


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Another social media user wrote, ‘People of this area of ​​Mumbai have found opportunity in disaster.’ Another wrote, ‘This is the work of the country’s triple engine government.’ Another wrote that Vasai-Virar has become Venice. Ramesh wrote that there is no shame left in the leaders and officers. We see such a situation every year, yet we do nothing.


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