In Philadelphia, America, an attacker wearing a bullet proof jacket fired indiscriminately, killing four and injuring many.

The incident took place on Monday evening in the South West area of ​​Philadelphia.

In Philadelphia, America, an attacker wearing a bullet proof jacket fired indiscriminately. Four people died in this incident while many people were also injured. Police say the attacker has been taken into custody. The incident took place on Monday evening in South West area.

Police say that a semi-automatic rifle along with a hand gun and another weapon have also been recovered from the attacker. Those who died in the attack were between 20 and 59 years old. Police said the assailant targeted passers-by. There is currently no known relationship between the victims and the gunman.

The attacker came out of the house and started firing indiscriminately

Police Commissioner Daniel Outlaw said the shooting took place in the city of Kingsessing. Police chased the suspect and arrested him after he surrendered. Outlaw said that all we know right now is that this person came out of his house and started targeting people. He said the suspect was wearing a bulletproof vest. He had several magazines, an AR-type rifle, a handgun and a police scanner.

Police officers were dispatched to the area after receiving several reports of gunshots in the town of Kingsaising. Police found some people with gunshot wounds and as they were taking them to the hospital heard more gunshots. The suspected attacker is 40 years old. No one else has been taken into custody at this time and no other information is available.


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185 killed in shootings in Philadelphia this year

According to the police, two people were killed and 28 others were injured in a shooting in Baltimore a day before the incident. This is the 29th shooting incident in Philadelphia this year. So far 185 people have died in the firing here. Of these, 144 are blacks.


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