In UP, the traitors caused a big loss to NDA, Apna Dal leader and Yogi’s minister told this reason for the reduction in seats

Ashish Patel, a cabinet minister in the Yogi government of UP and leader of Apna Dal (S), has said that infighting is the main reason for the defeat of NDA in the state. He demanded that all the alliance partners should be seriously investigated and strict action should be taken against the infidels. Regarding his party, he said that the work of giving notices has started. Recently, a notice was given to party leader and former MP from Robertsganj, Pakodi Lal Kol.

The opposition spread confusion about the ruling party

Ashish Patel said that the opposition spread many kinds of misconceptions about the NDA among the public. The NDA failed to eliminate those misconceptions. This angered the public and they did not vote. The biggest of these was spreading misconceptions about changing the constitution. He said that the misconception about changing the constitution spread by the opposition India group among the public is one of the major reasons for the defeat.


Apna Dal (S) and SBSP dissolved all units in UP, know the big reason

Apna Dal (S) has an alliance with BJP. It is a part of NDA. This time in the Lok Sabha elections, NDA suffered a huge loss in UP. NDA got 33 seats in UP. Whereas in the last 2019 elections, the alliance got 64 seats. That means this time the alliance lost half the seats.

In the 2024 elections, the opposition alliance spread the illusion of abolishing the Constitution against the BJP and the NDA. Sources associated with the BJP said that the opposition alliance’s move sent a message among the public that if the Modi government comes to power for the third time, it will act arbitrarily. Due to this, the public did not give their votes to the NDA and the ruling party suffered huge losses.


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