INDIA alliance supported the Women’s Reservation Bill out of compulsion, PM said in Bhopal – If there is Modi then it is possible

Prime Minister Narendra Modi reached Bhopal today to participate in the Mahakumbh of BJP workers. At Bhopal’s Jamboree Ground, PM Modi addressed workers on the party’s victory mantra for the upcoming assembly elections. The Prime Minister said that Congress and its allies supported the Women’s Reservation Bill out of compulsion, it was passed only because if there is Modi, it is possible.

The Prime Minister told Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) workers that Congress is a dynastic party with a history of corruption and appeasement. He said that Congress is like rusty iron which if kept in the rain, it will get destroyed. He said that if Congress gets a chance, it will make Madhya Pradesh sick. PM said that Congress had opposed digital payments but today the whole world is affected by UPI mode.

Prime Minister called Congress an anti-development party

The Prime Minister termed Congress as an anti-development party and said that Congress kept people poor to serve its own interests. He said, “Congress kept people poor for its own interest whereas in five years of BJP rule, more than 13.5 crore people came out of poverty.”

PM Modi said that after independence, Congress ruled Madhya Pradesh for a long time and Congress had turned prosperous Madhya Pradesh into a sick state. He said first-time voters are lucky as they have seen only BJP government in Madhya Pradesh, which is central to India’s development vision. Prime Minister Modi also targeted Congress for criticizing BJP over construction of new Parliament building, quality roads and stations.


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